Dealing with jump away hk

This appears to be my kryptonite. I’ve tried different things such as ex hien… f+hk… and dp’s. The ex hiens miss because they’re moving away… and I guess that fucks up the heat sensors on the ex version of hien. F+hk misses and dp’s miss. I’m out of options that are safe.

Oh, and one thing that I haven’t tried but I doubt it’ll work is a nicely timed ex qcf+p. I’m not sure if they can block it after a whiffed right when they hit the ground. But I have a feeling that it doesn’t work

Urien jump away HK?

Isn’t Ibuki too short to pull the jump away stuff on? Just crouch under it and command dash to get close and punish when they land?

spot on

I’ve tried dashing forward to get into position for punishment… but Ibuki still just gets kicked in the face

Yeah, I hear that’s something a lot of Urien players will start spamming online. Unfortunately, it kind of tends to work on some people offline too so Urien players tend to get into the bad habit of abusing it all the time.

It’s actually semi-ghetto though. He can attack on the way up or the way down, or not at all. And naturally, it has a particularly good hitbox and only a few fames of recovery (no tripguard if he attacks). However, if they use it predictably then there’s a counter for it and of course you can learn to punish it.

NO, qcf+2P (ex kubi ori) is not a good idea, it doesn’t work. They can block/parry it on reaction. Don’t use it.

Instead, learn the range on it really well and turtle right outside it’s range. It’s really simple, you get use to the range of it pretty quick. In fact, it should already be a reflex to step just outside it’s range anyway (from anywhere on the screen). Pretty much everyone, even good Japanese players, have learned to respect the area he controls with that move and space themselves just out of it’s range either out of reflex or habit. Though it’s a good idea to keep yourself just out of it’s range and not any further.

Once there you can react to what he does next and force him to start guessing. Block low outside it’s range and watch for a headbutt, if he does the headbutt be prepared to tech a throw or hit him with LP. If he instead jumps again you can move forward a few steps and anti-air him with c.HP or b+MP. If he parries the c.HP you want to immediately SJC it. If he parries the first hit of b+MP you can chain to HP or cancel into to a DP or chain then cancel.

You can also use df.MK slide or dp+K (kazekiri) but it’s not recommended because if he empty jumps into parry or lands and blocks then you’re screwed. Alternately you can try and toward+HK hopkick after he lands or walk-in MP to hit him on his way up, but again it’s not recommended unless you know your opponent is bad a option-parrying or doesn’t use random EX headbutts much…

Lastly, if you’re tired of playing his game you can fight fire with fire and just jump vertical HP / j.qcf+P/2P (kunai/EX) outside of his j.HK range. I know j.HP doesn’t look like much but it’s actually really buff.

Just keep walking forward and be patient.
“walking forward is the most important part of footsies.” - John Choi

Oh, and if he’s doing this midscreen then he’s losing ground, and if he’s losing ground then you’re winning. You don’t necessarily need to punish it, just keep advancing and taking ground on him.

One of the great things about Ibuki that a lot of players overlook is that she’s actually a really buff turtle, she can keep a lot of characters out of her space easily. Particularly Dudley who can’t jump at her at all and has trouble dealing with her c.MK and toward+HK on the ground. Learn her anti-airs and learn to control the space directly in front of her and just walk forward, they can’t regain lost ground on Ibuki without taking a lot of risks (which is what you want).

So, play the footsies game. Advance forward and hold your ground: also known as “turtle in his face”.

But if you really must chase him, then I recommend doing so with your safest option: diagonal jump qcf+2P (ex kunai) on reaction to his jump-away.

Thanks for the tips…

Now what about keeping Dudley away? Is there a link you can give me?

I almost thought this was a Hugo topic.

You can’t beat jump back rh. It’s just not possible. Ghetto tactics will always be too cheap to beat.

Negativity not allowed

there’s always a possibility… it’s up to you guys to find it out for me

Block when you wake up. Urien is forced to move to the back of the screen and that means you have space to move afterwards. Even if you get hit by the j.HK what does that do for Urien? Put him away from you. It’s a nice mix up but after a knockdown it’s not exactly where Urien would like to be.

It’s not like you’re Hugo and it hits you while you’re crouching for free. The timing would have to be really good for Ibuki to be hit while she’s crouching (if it’s possible at all). Standing block on wake up will do the trick. Urien can’t do anything serious off of a low attack minus sweep and close range c.LK. Sweep comes out slow enough so you can block it on reaction if you’re looking for it. That’s really the only low attack you need to worry about outside of c.LK at a close range.

It’s not like it’s a tactic that can be abused. A good Urien player would prefer to stay near you on the wake up and just block or jump straight up if they sense an attack is coming. I’d almost prefer a Urien player to do jump away HK just because then I dont have to worry about his wake up games anymore. He’s at the other end of the screen and I have space to move. Where Urien is positioned after jump away HK is already a disadvantage. Ibuki’s slide makes it so he cant zone with fireballs and her ground game is just as good or better than his.

So I guess the general concensus is…

just let him jump away.

As far as keeping Dudley away…just watch some match vids on YouTube. Watch how Japanese Ibuki players use her pokes to keep Dudley outside of attacking range. Ibuki’s pokes put a serious hurt on Dudley’s offensive game and make it difficult for him to get in. He has to know what Ibuki is going to do or he can’t get in at all. Granted once he gets in he can end the game quick but Ibuki does a really good job of keeping him out.

If you want some general tips…I say just stay on the ground and watch what he does. No reason to jump in on Dudley because his ground game is shit compared to yours but he has really good AA’s. So press the advantage and force him to jump at you. b+MP, c.HP, any dp, parry to close s.HK are all good AA options vs. his jump ins. Slide or dash under him even if you see an opening. As far as your ground pokes s.MK, c.MK and f+HK all do a good job keeping him out of his good attacking range. s.LP hits him while he’s standing or crouching so you can use this to pressure after knockdowns or to keep him from coming in on you unexpectedly. Once you knock Dudley in the corner you can walk in and out of his DP range and option select with s.MK to punish mistakes. Dudley has a lot of good anti wake up options though so dont be afraid to just block once in a while. A well timed kunai on the wake up can trade or stuff Duds EX dp.