Dealing with Lightning/Charge Shot

I play a very good zero in my community and I am stuck on how to fight his new shenanigans with these two moves. My major complaint is that he basically gets way too much reward for this: Frame advantage, opportunities to turn a blocked mix up into yet another mix up, full screen hit confirms into a full combo, hard to block. Rather than bitch and moan at Capcom for why the hell he needed this, I’m hell bent on finding a way to deal with this.

Generally what I’m dealing with that gets me is when I’m in the corner he stays in the air half screen away and uses lightning, charge shot, lightning again, if any hit > combo | if blocked go into a free block string and repeat. I’m trying to see where i can interrupt him or punish and short of a mind read I’m not seeing an opening besides wait out the huge and tricky block string with mix ups and try to get out of the corner. He won’t let me get in air throw range. Is there a weakness to this tactic? Is there something I can do to punish them or is this really just an OP tactic? Keep in mind this is a VERY competent Zero.

I play Cap/Akuma/Task. I’m aware they all have invincibility/counter moves, but reacting in time AND hoping to god you don’t get crossed up and either whiff or reverse the input is an issue.

Bait Buster and block it, once he starts the lightning, press any of these colorful buttons you like :l: :m: :h: :s:.



If he’s doing a double lighting L then there’s no time to press a button between the buster and the second lighting.

Best answer is the backdash and either shield slash it or charging star it. Best to call Taskmaster assist when you do either to get better frame advantage on hit or block.

Also if you’re brave you can use Stars and Stripes. It’s invincible. Hyper Stars and Strips is also invincible and comes out in 0 frames after the flash. DHC to a safe super if that goes wrong.

Pay close attention to his height during the second lightning. If it’s not low enough, it can be punished.