Dealing with MK BS. In need of helpful advice of beating scrubs

So i’m going up against an online scorpion and all he’s doing is blocking low and waiting for me to jump in and retaliate with an uppercut to hell fire or mix up with spear. Uppercut hits 99% of the time. I’m like wtf. Uppercut has a huge hit box. Freaking hit almost a person away. The only way I can win is if I jump in with a kick. Is there any other options? Grabbing doesn’t work because he’s ducking. Even if I predict him whiffing a uppercut, I can’t punish if it pushes me back. I can’t just hit him low all the time because it does not chip enough. I can’t commit to combo strings because they will whiff. Why is it that the opp has an advantage ducking? Do I really have to guess 50/50? I really don’t understand this game but the combos.

Also, How do I counter zealous teleport attack users? I try jump kicking but it will hit sometimes. I’m having to block dash but at times I’ll get hit by something else just for not blocking in a split second. Can I punish whiffed teleport attacks?

That’s where I stopped reading. Don’t play online until they fix it IF they fix it.

Ya the online sucks but there was hardly lag with this guys connection.

If you are at a range in which you can get hit by uppercut after jumping forward, you should be able to dash up into a throw, or dash up into a crossup jumping punch into a block string. Learn which of your block strings have mids to punish crouch blockers.

Whiffed or blocked teleport attacks can be punished by full juggle combos in most cases. Some (like Scorpion’s EX) actually provide the opponent with frame advantage on block, and can’t be punished.

During the match I tried to cross up, but the punch whiffs. I time it very late but he’s ducking and it gives him some invincibility to jump in attacks. During my fights with him I experimented alot with the timing of jumps and crossup jumping punch but the uppercut auto corrects. He’s just waiting for me to jump most of the time so he’ll only upper at those times. I used basically use almost everyone but mostly johnny cage now. Sometimes his bnb combo string just whiffs and i get punished. Just commiting to a combo string or even part of the combo string is dangerious bc it just whiffs the crouching player. It worked sometimes. But hes medium bk forward is an overhead but its definitely slow and he’ll just react which is what he’s doing.

also the player uppercut will hit me at times when i’m about to jump at the spot that allows me to cross up. I definitely try to bait teleports but they hit me if I jump or flinching. It so annoying. Its like sf4 shoryuken annoying. I’m really scared going up against teleport attackers. If im going against a better player, they will use it to make me play defensive, which is seems very dangerious in this game.

I see. If he’s just crouching without block, it’s kind of difficult to land proper jumpins with the online lag, since it’s rough to get the timing needed combined with the smaller hitbox. Additionally, you can’t throw crouching players if they aren’t holding block, so watch out for that.

Cage’s B+3 launcher is a overhead, but it’s terribly slow, and not a good way to reliably have your opponent scared of your offense. Try mixing it up between his 2, 1 and his 2, 1 F+2 to get your offense started. The 2, 1 string leaves Cage at -2, but he has the threat of flip kick to keep your opponent honest, and his 1 is pretty fast. The F+2 in the second string launches for a full juggle combo.

Check the Johnny Cage guide on Test Your Might for more general strategies.

Oh I definitely use his 2,1,f+2, but it sometimes whiff. It works sometimes but he’ll eventually learn to block it. So its possible for me to jump in attack and hitting them with a full combo? I find that hard to believe because I was trying all different timings for jump punch. early, slightly late, very late. I’ll just get uppercutted.

Getting a full combo after jump in with punch is very possible, it’s just that the timing to combo after a jump in is far more strict that it is in the Capcom fighting games. The biggest thing is to get your opponent to watch out for things besides anti-airing your jumps, since uppercuts in MK have amazing priority. Additionally, some characters uppercuts have great hitboxes that reach behind them, and others have hitboxes that reach further out in front of them. I know that Cage’s uppercut reliably stuff crossup attempts, but I can’t remember if Scorpion’s shares the same properties.

that’s the problem if I’m using johnny. he’ll lose to scorpion at full range with hell fire or teleport attack. hes more of a rushdown. i not happy having to play a dumbed down rock paper scizzors game. i just jump in kick or crouch punch. i dont get why its so hard to do simple things on a crouching player and he has so much advantage.

Try his axe kick f+4 on crouching opponents, it will launch them, so for example you could, f+4 dash 1,1 dash 1,1 dash 1,1 flip kick, it’s an easy midscreen combo and does good damage.

Also a good tool against hellfire is exshadow kick i’ve hit everytime i’m burnt with it, exshadow kick is good against a blocked spear as well.

Don’t jump, dash block. The only time you should be jumping is when it’s safe, which is rarely.

Pro tip: If you jump and get uppercutted every time, don’t jump in.

LOL, I was just thinking about this. I’m terrible x50 at this game and have not been able to put much work in it. Even though I live in the east coast “hub” of FG’s in NY, like no one out here is playing this offline casually. Online, getting beat by people who cant even do ONE 20% kombo. LOL. No salt, just makes me laugh. When I hit them with a 35%, and somehow I still lose, I wonder what they are thinking. Just goes to show how terrible online is (as am I) and how much more of a casual audience this game seems to be attracting.



Dash block up to him and duck. Uppercut will whiff. Enjoy your combo.

Also, throws work on a crouching opponent if they’re blocking.

General rule of fighting games that don’t have air dash/double jump: Don’t jump unless you need to.

I’m just so frustrated that I cross the person up only to be easily punished. I just use jump kick and it works. I really don’t get this game. I did win much more matches than this person but I’m just so flustered dealing with mk stuff that work like random teleports and weird hitboxes. I get mvc3 and ssf4 but this mk is so different. I’m like “Why is it so hard for the wrong reasons?” What are the fundamentals?

Eh…that’s the nature of MK. A lot of shit in the game just makes you go “Huh?” when compared to Capcom fighters, but that’s what makes MK MK.

I know that feel! So annoying.

Sometimes I just get offline to chill after beating (in a certain way) or losing to one of those guys. I haven’t even played the game since the PSN Welcome Back package went up because I finally reached the point where I just said “What’s the damn point if the barrier between the good and the bad player broken so easily by stupidness/randomness? They do so little in the match and they’re still able to beat me or lower my health well because of it?” The fact that some dude can do the same random crap and it would work just got on my nerves.

I’ll be back on once I find my last Infamous shard, play all 4 of the games I got from the package and have some more fun with Streets of Rage 2…

And when are they going to fix the damn bug I keep getting with my Ipod Touch? I post from there 98% of the time… >_>

just becuase you don’t understand the game doesn’t mean it’s stupid. learn what is going on and then build from there. Stop trying to bring your SF knowledge over, this is a new game with different mechanics, so treat it like such.