Dealing with Morrigan?



I’ve been doing a lot of theory fighting concerning Morrigan, because no one in my area plays a Touhou Morrigan. I know Captain has a lot of tools (Charging Star, Hyper Charging Star) to deal with projectile-heavy attacks. Have any of you guys played against a Morrigan, and what strategies do you usually take against her?


Well against bad Morrigans you can land a charging star, but against good ones a.k.a. Chris G. . . . .thats impossible. Sooo, the theory fighter in my head that I have been thinking about is using charging star to blow through the projectiles and such, but expecting the Morrigan to block. (Perfect scenario) while they are on the ground in block stun of the HCS, X-factor then, cr. L, call an assist and cartwheel , or going for the grab. And if you land any of it you will be able to kill her with the right combo. Thats my small mental gameplan that I thought of in my head for morrigan


Projectile Morrigan w/assist vs. Cap is a really bad matchup. I still have trouble fighting against it, and my team setup isn’t intially equipped to handle such a method. It’s usually a tough uphill battle to take that specific zoning style down.

  • The first problem is that you would need to wad through the sea of fireballs being chucked at you, which is difficult, but managable. Proper jumps and super jumps should clear you eventually. But mess up and you’ll eat a chunk of damage equivalent to half your health (provided they know the fireball combo)
  • Second is if she’s doing this with an assist, becomes a lot harder to move forward while dodging both the assist and her fireball barrage. Half the time the assist will end up forcing you into the path of a fireball, and you’ll end up taking some chip before you can move again.
  • Lastly, and worst problem is if she uses her clone hyper. This becomes even harder to fight against. Since projectiles come in from the back, Charging Star is semi-useless now as you can get tagged from behind in your recover frames. You’d have to dodge twice as many fireballs, assist attacks, and be careful not to be hit by the meter draining ones. While CS does beat fireballs, one wrong CS will run straight into a blocking Morrigan, and you’ll end up dead or bleeding.

In order to defeat this play, speed and careful assist usage is critical. You’re also going to need to be patient, and you’ll take chip damage in the process of approaching Morrighan.

The first thing to know is that most Morrighans will automatically cancel a ground fireball into flight mode. This is the only real opportunity you get to hit her with a raw CS, so make sure you have a combo/mix-up followup to either hurt or kill. Also be very good with your spacing so you know the optimal distance to nail her with a H CS. (Hyper CS is react able, so you can’t really use this option)

From outside of CS range, if your assists can tag Morrighan or the assist and force them back on the ground, use them. If you don’t have one, use them as a meat shield to protect you from getting hit by fireballs coming in from behind (if she has the clone hyper toggled on).

Once you’re in, force Morrighan to fight/eat a lot of mixups and make sure not to let her get away, otherwise you’ll have to start over and take chip damage in the process. Also be good at throwing her since several players will fly/unfly cancel to make her safe. Throws are a way to work around that. Be wary of her j.S though, since they’ll also throw that out if you manage to get under her.

If unable to directly take take out Morrigan, take out the assist first. Use X-factor/Team Hyper to do so if you need to. If Morrigan is without an assist, you can maneuver through her fireball barrage or just play evasively to force her to waste meter or make her come to you (assuming you have the life lead)

Hope this helps.