Dealing With People Who Use A Lot Of Focas Attacks




I realise this title sounds newb as hell and i thought i could deal with focas attacks fairly well, but i was just absolutely destroyed by a pro player it was relatively eaven (as he wasn’t using his main characters) up till the point he started really useing focas attacks a lot, his spaceing is insanely good, i mean i cant really flash kick him if i hit him with a cmk or basicly any poke he would just get me with the fa basicly, jump in he takes a hit with fa i try hit him i get crumpled, maby get a lucky throw or tech but safest option seems to be take the block string. he would be opening almost any attack string or my wakeup with fa dash foward.

I tryed light flashkick he would be spaced just right and backdash on reaction ex same story, i had some success with faing at the same time as him so i’d take a hit and get a crumple on him, really tho there must be some kind of better option to deal with this kind of thing that i’m just not seeing. almost evey match i’d end up in the corner and eat some rediculas combo off a fa, which is even worce coz he controls the spaceing entirely at that point and i can’t boom coz i’ll get jump in punished.

Any help on how to deal with this kind of thing would be great, if i shouldn’t have made a new thread about this i appologise in advance it just didn’t seem like a matchups thread sort of thig it’s more a universal problem with my gameplan.

  1. FA his FA (like you did)
  2. Jump back (though can catch you when you jump)
  3. Backdash on wakeup
  4. Use 2in1s ( > fk, cr.lp > fk, basically any 2+ hit combos that will break his super armour
  5. If you predict backdash, just air throw is ass (I have yet to apply this in a real match)…


Actually, if someone focuses a lot, figure out why are they doing it. I find a lot of people just like to fish for them alot to set up some big combo. Typically it’s a poor habit that a lot of people use to make of for their subpar ground game. Okay, maybe I’m a little exteme with that past part.

People USUALLY throw out focus attacks if they are having issues dealing with your pokes. No one times them correctly everytime. If you see someone doing this you can just empty jump, and throw them almost everyime for fee.

Depending on the distance, you can EX flash kick. Typically you will even flashkick them out of backdash. Be mindful of the spacing. But if they are at point blank and focus, they wil be hit.

EX sonic boom works wonders for people who love to focus as well.

Usually though, you'll probably just want to throw anyone who focus a lot.   Just get use to timing them.  I almost do it by instinct.  Anytime someone throws out a focus attack, I almost always throw them without even thinking about it.


the reasen he was doing it i think was he saw i couldn’t deal with it right so he abbused me with it, and it really took me off my game. but yea a lot of my damage was coming from pokes and aas and stuff like that before the exess focasing started.

i was trying the jump back i forgot to mention that he was catching me almost every time then again my timeing was proly off as it was just wrecking me and psycing me out,
focas backdash on wakeup that works well untill you are cornered.

thanks for the tips guys i guess just don’t get baited or poke his focas without a flashkick charge is the conclusion here which makes a lot of sence, also good to know i was on the right track with fa his fa.


Youre a Guile Player Soldier…Mash that Jab Button. Guiles Jab is Godly


I beg to differ. Boxer’s Jab is gdlk. lol


Yeah Rog’s is better but Guile’s is great as well.


well i played him again today and ended up crumpleing him to ultra which really stopped him doing it lol he still destroyed me but at least it wasn’t just focas attacks doing it this time :o)

guiles standing jab is great, isn’t his crouching jab worce than ryu’s tho by 1 frame? (i’ll have to double check but i’m pretty sure it is)

rogs jab is god like


if he’s catching you w/ a focus after absorbing yer jump in attack, just empty jump in then throw 'em when you land.


FK alone breaks super armor. Starting with a c.MP is same startup frames as the FK, and typically the FK has longer reach (to catch them on a back dash out if they time it wrong) or if you have 2 EX you can FC throw.


i agree with br79 – empty jump and throw. it’ll make him think twice about focus attacking … then mix it up.


throwing my 2 cents in, i played against shotos who love to Focus absorb SB’s and then FA you when you try any follow ups. one way of scoring some cheap damage is walking at them and then back dashing (or take a couple of steps back) and make their FA whiff. After they whiff an FA, B+HP or F+HP are good counter attacks if you do not have a back or downback charge.