Dealing with pressure with Juri



I have two problems, I’m not talking about wake up, sometimes I’m not in the spacing for an anti-air and I know that a cross up is coming, but I don’t really know what my options are. Should I jump back MP?
Or crouch MK when they land? Dash under? focus back dash?, In fact I get really annoyed when they leave the corner this way, so i don’nt wanna get crossed up.

And the other problem, when a divekick character like yun, yang or rufus get in, I can only get away with EX sepusha, that trades very often in their favor, is backdashing a good option, what do you do?


It can be risky but sometimes when I play someone who throws weird spaced cross-ups(them air tatsu’s) a lot then I just dash forawrd under them before they hit me. Do it to my friends akuma all the time and fucks up his game plan. I try not to do it while at a health disadvantage though, being how its not a 100% guaranteed tactic.


Yep, Juri’s forward dash is a rather ignored tool that is very good in terms of getting away, especially on certain situations on wake-up.

My advice to counter dive kick characters is to simple not let them in. Keep them out as long as possible with fireballs and safe pokes (try throwing in a lk. pinwheel now and then, but not too often or you’ll get countered). If you can, learn what normals Juri has that counter dive kicks via anti-air. Last I checked, standing mk is a deceptive tool that works in this particular situation. I’ve found my trusty doesn’t go my way against dive kicks.


Yeah got to agree this seems like the most reasonable way to play it. Most importantly is keeping a cool collective calm, soon as tension sets in and you let it get to you you forget the basics and become to hasty. I find this happens to me occasionally.


[SIZE=3]Agree with this, Nightfighter said it best though -> stay “cool collective calm”. But just to add a little more in here, the dashing forward is a good option with Juri since her forward dash is real good - so in some cases when you try to dash forward under the opponent, even if you do get crossed up there’s a good chance you’ve moved forward enough where their follow up won’t connect, especially if they weren’t expecting the space difference from your dash. I’m sure it’s character specific ( Sagat probably has a real tough time connecting after a crossup if you dash but still get hit ), but this could open up potential reversal options if they do try to combo.[/SIZE]