Dealing with projectiles

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How do you guys handle opponents who like to sit at the other end of the screen and throw fireballs all day? the only thing that works for me is walking as close as possible, parrying and hoping and EX Rhino Horn catches them in time.

Just parry that shit till they realize that doesn’t work in 3rd Strike. Once in a while get a poke off, and eventually they’ll go on the offensive. Otherwise, use their own strategy against em, and get them backed into a corner.

Honestly, I suck with Elena, but that’s just good general advice for dealing with fireball-spammers in 3rd Strike, a strategy which just plain doesn’t work anymore.

The problem is, I play online. Parrying is more difficult, and I’ve had a lot of guys(especially Remys) who will just spam them until the clock runs out.

if they are consistantly throwing out fireballs, accuratly anticipate one and then jump in, super
in the case of remy where he recovers very fast, jump when he throws a low one, crouch or slide when he throws a high one. for ex parry jump or block

An EX-Mallet Smash can reach opponents that are a little far from you and it passes over the fireball

Otherwise, Try anticipating his fireball and prepare for a jump in combo

Mallet smash is a pretty cool way to avoid projectiles, however it would seem pretty random for them to throw a proj. close enough to be hit by ex mallet. Parry is your random/long distance projectile friend in 3S.