Dealing with Runaway

Lets all pretend your free like me. My first two characters die, and I have phoenix left, full health, with 5 bars and x-factor. BUT I’ve only managed to do maybe 50% damage to 2 of his characters, and his sentinel has full health and theres still tons of time left on the clock. He uses Sentinel to jump high and fly from one side of the screen to the other. What do I do. I cant get in on Sentinel and do enough damage if he blocks well. Am I just screwed? This happened to me about 5 times this morning and I’m looking for suggestions. I tried seeking shots, they didnt do enough chip, I tried teleporting above, hed just block it. I tried sjc and flying towards him but he flies faster and can still block. I tried x factoring to do more damage, but then I dont have dark phoenix x factor later, and hell still have two characters. Let me know what you think because I really need to level up my game against this and I’m sure its something a lot of people will be dealing with as the game progresses.

LOL funny thing popped up on the front page regarding this. Don’t let both your characters die first thing, bring V. Joe bomb assist and kill yourself with it.

Dealing with Sent - you can crouch underneath his spit, also i use CR medium punch to get closer and totally avoid his high or low spit.

Dealing with m.o.d.o.k - same tactic use CR medium punch to get closer or TK teleport to set up offence.

Stay air borne to avoid projectiles, throw out a two heavy TK whilst air borne shots and instantly teleport to cross up and surprise the opponent.

Traps, traps, traps greatly limit the opponents movement options and greatly improve you chances of getting in with teleports. Also mix up your teleports.

Sentinal can’t block when flying. He’d have to unfly, I think.

Would only be so long before people started using tactics to deal with the ressurection gimmick; Phoenix players are gonna need to get used to playing around problems like this.

There’s no rule that says your other characters have to die so Dark Phoenix can immediately level 3 X Factor, btw. Get 5 bars, get her in, and you can use assists to help. You can do a bit of damage with Dark Phoenix and then switch out.

-Never let yourself get down to just regular phoenix - this should never (ie rarely) happen

-Like everyone else said, teleport, set traps, and shoot fireballs. Phoenix can rtsd. If time is short, xfc with regular phoenix and start tacking on supers to the end of your air combos and then use healing super when xfc runs out or even during etc

I just get her in as soon as i get 4.5 bars and starts playing aggressive if the time is short.

You need to start utilizing her standing overhead into sweep combos and the tk hard shot into teleport use the C version if there in the corner and go for a overhead… if all else fails grab them she is one of the only characters that can combo from a grab

What does she get from grabs?

Unless I throw them against the corner, all I know how to get is one long range TK shot.

Well if they’re running away, odds are they’re running into the corner. When he superjumps into the corner, that’s the perfect place for grab combos.

You’ve gotta throw out more traps. Set a trap, teleport, and then teleport again. Teleport and block. Get those slow TK shots on the field. It should be impossible to run away from Phoenix. She can nail you down by herself unlike any other character in the game.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

And if you teleport over Sentinel’s head and he “blocks it”… well sir, that is the perfect opportunity to stay in and mix his ass up. Sentinel has the biggest hitbox in the friggin game. He’s the LAST guy who should be able to run away from Phoenix. Use your quick, jumping overheads against him after he blocks the inital teleport air attack. He shouldn’t be able to escape from you for long.

This and one more thing be careful when Sentinel start to jump backwards into the corner, I’ve seen alot of Sent players do this to draw u in then jump :s: into launcher equals dead phoenix.

Traps, traps and more traps. M.traps are usually effective against players who want to jump away. Use TP to keep mixing them up, and make sure you’re using different TP’s or else you’re just going to get predictable. If you get down to the 10 sec area, pop your xfactor like everyone else is saying, the xfactor will give you the needed speed boost and hopefully you’ll have enough time to finish them off. Also, if super armour is blowing you up, wait for them to use it and if they whiff S use your c.M to slide into a combo for free damage. Finally, the most important part, don’t get discouraged, keep playing and eventually you’ll learn how to deal with runners, as much info as SRK can give you, nothing beats actual match experience.