Dealing with Runaways

So, been playing a fairly low-level Blanka/Ryu player/troll on PSN last few days. His basic tactic is to keep on using the crouch hop / jump away tatsu and hide on the opposite end of the screen after scoring a hit.

I generally try to wait for an opportunity to dash across the screen and start an attack, but then he quickly manages to escape again, upon which i get annoyed and try more risky tactics to choke him up.

Anyone good any consistantly good methods for dealing with these sort of players/scum?

Back him up into the corner. Punish whatever he throws at you when he has no where to run and panics. Don’t just run in from full screen and try to attack when you think it’s safe to like you describe you were doing. Build meter while you slowly close in as well, walk forward, build meter with Oroshi when it’s safe. Just take it slow and don’t get impatient… :\

just a note… back him SLOWLY into the corner and try to find a way to hit him once… then you run away all night lmao. That’s what i do. back him up while building meter, twhen they back jump wrong one time, do EX fuki x2>EX Tsurugi. So there’s 400 health gone. if they run away again, just stand there and build meter. once they approach you just anti air properly and they’ll be dead in a matter of seconds (not many characters should approach makoto at all). It actually makes it much more simple when you’re willing to wait around…