Dealing with runnaway? (not turtling, literally running away)


Dealing with runnaway??? (not turtling, literally running away)especially in K-groove

How do you deal with runnaway characters?.. When they get up by one or two hits they just run for the whole 99 seconds:bluu:

Take Mai for example; if I’m up on life it’s no problem, but when they get a sweep or two they just run away and there’s no way to catch them…

Same with Vega (I absolutely HATE Vega…damn cheapness:p ) … couple of c.mps and they jump away with j.fierce…

Couple more characters that come to mind are Blanka (fucking command hop back) and Rolento…

Now don’t tell me to rush it down, because I have to catch them first… people like to answer every question here with “rush it down” but it’s obviously not as easy as it sounds when you’re playing good Vega and Mai players… That being said, is there anything that can be done? I have absolutely no problem against turtles, but I don’t know what to do about running away.


When they runaway, try to get them into one spot so that they can’t move past u without getting hit. Use the corner.
Just move in on them a little bit at a time. Then when they try to jump over u, u can anti air them.

Example: Sagat Vs. Runaway Rolento

Rolento’s running away…etc…etc…
Zone them with Sagat into the corner. Stay a certain distance from the corner, and stick out a st. forward or something with reach. Or try to hit them with jab high tiger shots. If they try to jump, tiger uppercut them. After that their only choices r to throw knives to push u back, or come in on u. In which case u could just poke them alot, and combo into supers …etc…etc.


Don’t rush down just walk your ass over there and zone them. Jumping straight up helps a lot once you get them in the corner or anywhere on the screen to try and limit their jumping… Then you just use the appropriate pokes to keep them locked down, they happen to escape rinse and repeat.


You got no problems following them into the corner right? :slight_smile:

I think the key is to catch them trying to get out of the corner like PokesYOU said…

I think most people try to bait you into coming after them in the corner so they can wall bounce out, roll through you, whatever…

Keep your patience and try to keep them in the corner, and try to sniff out when they gonna try to get out/around you. If they can tell your gonna come in after them or commit to a move, they’re gonna get out. Then you gotta chase them down to the other corner again. Try to see if you can keep them there, and hit them trying to get out. Don’t be afraid to back up/jump away if you think they’re gonna try to get out… if you DO guess it, you might be in a good spot to hit them. If you guess wrong, well, they’re still in the corner. This is also where those weird upward angled jump attacks come into play.

I try to do the same kind of hit-and-run with Athena (because I suck and can’t play toe-to-toe with her :)). Sometimes my opponent sniffs out my teleport and jumps back instead of towards like they did last time… and I teleport right into a big combo. yay. I’ve also wallbounced out sometimes only to be supered in the back before I land… then i’m floored and they get in on me. Maybe that could help you.


ok I dont want to make another thread for this since the question is in the same category:

The guy basically run away from me but thats because I got K groove

He had C-Vega and I had K-Hibiki…

He try to poke me a couple of times but I use just defense. After a while, my super activate (K groove). After he see me flaming, he start to run away and zone me. He’s good at keeping the distance bacause I coudn’t get near him without getting hit. I succesfully pass through his zone a couple of time and laid some hits but I keep losing the match (I coudn’t fget near him most of the time). Any tips??


I think this would be a very good topic anyway wouldn’t it? Especially for K-groove.

you gotta hate it when people run away just 'cause you’re red.

Anyone know of any tricks to let you in with K-Gief? :smiley:


All I play in tournaments is K groove, but just because you are raging does not mean TIME FOR RUSH DOWN. Stay calm and poke your way in. Everyone does understand 35% more damage from rage is GREAT, you dont HAVE to land a super. K groove Gief is hard to get in, especially so against certain characters. My favorite way of landing his super though is landing a sweep, Jump over them while whiffing a J.RH, Land 720. Or run up to them,, SHORT pause, 720.


Never jump in on Vega, u might want to sometimes, but not alot. After that, JD to catch him off guard like :wtf: then super him when u land.
Rush in with croutching jabs, not shorts. The shorts have lag and he can super u as u recover. The jabs have almost instant recovery, and Hibiki would be too low for him to red claw super u. After that he might try to jump over u, then u do st. fierce. Mix it up after that.


I figured, I’d change the name of the thread… thanks for the replies so far, I think I just need to be more patient sometimes
= P…

The problem is, the game gets REALLY boring when I spend the whole match walking back and forth trying to catch them :lame: … After watching the Evo finals beween Ino and Diago, I kinda wish matches could be like that all of the time: It should be about trying to win, not trying to not lose(ie running away) … I’d rather be beaten by someone who OCVs me with skill rather that someone who hits you once and runs away… It almost feels like they’re doing the Gambit glitch on me sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

(end of rant :lol: )

Anyway, I play K-groove and basically I only use supers when its going to connect for sure, or if it’s a safe super I’ll do it near the end of the rage if I get a chance… Most of the time when I’m in rage I try to guard crush and throw as much as I can (3 throws = 1 lvl3 super) …