Dealing with Rushdown / Wakeup Rushdown as Balrog

Sup ya’ll. So I just got back from Japan where I hit the arcades to test out my SF4 mettle. Let’s just say it was an eye opening experience. I realized that I was able to be competitive when I kept my opponents at bay with my good normals and stuff, but once any of the talented players I played scored a knockdown on me, it was pretty much over. There was one Guy player who basically got an early knockdown in each round and perfected me twice because I couldn’t get out of his pressure on me on wakeup (I would either get hit or airthrown every time).
What is Balrog’s strategy for escaping rushdown / wakeup rush? I tried EX headbutt a few times, but that didn’t seem to be working for me (perhaps I have the timing wrong?), and I was able to escape a couple times with ex-dash punch / ex-upper, but a lot of times the opponent was able to chase me or hit me again, making this a waste of meter and giving up a large chunk of life.

Sometimes, depending on the timing I FADC out of the first hit on wakeup. Most of times it works…don’t use it too much because a talented player can option select the backdash and get dat damage. Also, ex-dash straight/upper are good choices. The recovery frames are better the ex-headbutt, that’s for damn sure.

Overall best solution, just block.

but what about in the guy situation where he airthrows me if I block?

Isn’t that the move where he has to summersault first? Surely you can punish that or even just walk under it, crouch to avoid the throw or backdash on his drop-down to get out of range of the actual throw?

I’m just guessing, not saying those things work (not actually played more than 2 matches vs Guy since I got AE) but if it’s like the Akuma Vortex, such as repeated flips (Flip/Palm, poke, re-flip) there are ways to just avoid it or even punish for sure. Possibly instant jump-back fierce, down-fierce, S-Strong/CS-Strong etc

TAP can be usefull with it’s invincible start up frames, gets me out of trouble all the time and if they try to cross you up and you time it right, gets you some distance too. EX headbut works great against meaty jump ins. The hardest thing would be to figure out if they’re going for an option select on you in which case it’s probably best to just block and wait it out. And if you’ve got the timing, fadc back dash works wonders, not too many people have the guts to commit to an armor breaking meaty on wake up.

In regards to Guy’s Bushin Flip on your wakeup, I believe that hitting cr.LP on wakeup will stop him from grabbing you, since it grabs airborne and standing opponents. The same thing is done to avoid Cammy Hooligan Throw and Hakan DDT wakeup grab setups.

You can c.fp that move. I usually use or c.fp any time he gets near me with the flip

thanks for that info, gonna do some lab work - For anyone wondering about the meaty grabs that only grab standing connection on your wakeup.

It’s really character dependent. You should cycle through your universal wakeup options and that usually botches most attempted O/S unless you get predictable. Try:Universals - [block, backdash, FADC backdash, jumping], boxer specific: [, ex.HB, TAP]. Probably in that order. Unless he’s Akuma, most characters cant O/S you to cover all of your options, i can’t think of any other’s right now.