Dealing With the Anti Doom



Hey guys I am kinda new to Dr. Doom and I am having a very hard time dealing with Trish. My main problem is that everything she has seems to keep me away from her and she seems to out zone me in the air. She has traps which shut down my foward approach, I can’t fly or air dash because of her vertical traps, and her high low mix ups seem to outshine mine. The only way I ever win is if I get lucky enough to land a grab. How do I deal with this charater?


Should post stuff like this in the more general threads.

Hidden missiles on point works a good deal if she jumps to max height. Spacing is important. You want to be in between her down angled super and dive kick. Best is to have an anti air assist ready like strider or jam session. You don’t need to fire 8 missiles, just one or two to scare her down. Fire too many and you’ll be punished. If she’s rushing in thats a different problem. Doom can play the zoning game as much as she can. Whoever keeps the life lead wins. Timeover.