Dealing with the new Recovery in AE for Headbutts



So I went and played AE last week and I still have not gotten the hang of the new Balrog. I know it probably must’ve been the skill difference, but normally in SSFIV I used to be able to fight Ryu with no problem.

What are some other techniques I should try to avoid using the Headbutt and failing hard?


Unless I’m mistaken here (often the case) the startup on headbutts hasn’t changed, only the damage and recovery. If your headbutts are getting blocked and that’s the issue then you should look at your play rather than worry about the HB changes.

With that being the case, what exactly is the problem you’re having? If it’s just a matter of getting past fireballs don’t forget you’ve got jumping, nj fierce, focus, and TAP…


Did you play Daigo? That could be your problem