Dealing with the shoto army



hello again, As I played cody for the past month, I began to learn stuff like AAs, zonks, bnb to criminal upper, and other things that improve me as a cody player. In terms of match ups I have handled some of the tougher ones like cammy. but my main weakness is pretty much the shotos.
Ken: I have no problem dealing with his SRK but my main issue is that I get hit by a SRK in the middle of a combo (example: the combo is lp,lp,mp,CU but when I do it it ends up like this lp,lp, SRK)
Ryu: same issue as ken
akuma: I always get bombarded with his air fireballs forcing me to do a EX RK only to be punished by a combo
gouken: THIS GUY IS MY NIGHTMARE! with his angled fireballs and his ability to turn the game from SF4 into freakin tekken with his grab+U1 or his SRK motion move that can be juggled if its an EX.
(evil ryu and oni are not really much of an issue)

So long story short, are there any anti-shoto strategies that I can use?


Ken & Ryu - if they are mashing during your combos, hit them a few times with LPs, then stop and block, their SRK will soar them into the air, punish them hard when they land.

Gouki/Akuma - his air fbs can be a pain. You can focus absorb them and dash in, cr. MK under them, zonk can work too though I don’t suggest it. You can use rocks to your advantage too, just tread carefully. You can also stick out an anti air or sweep him as he lands if he air fireballs towards you. You’ll probably get hit with the FB, but the life trade will be in your favor.

Gouken - you can cr. MK under his fb very easily, focus absorb through it and zonk punish up close. Best to keep a zonk charged at all times as a zonk will go under his FB and beat his dash palm if he tries to follow it up for chip. His ex one is pretty easy to punish. And of course, you have ex ruffian kick for poorly spaced fbs. You really dont need to jump in to get in. As for his grab, its the easiest throw in the game to tech. Just react to it as best you can if you don’t know what crouch teching is.


From the games I’ve played vs Akuma and Gouken, anti airs are key to beating them. I have a prob vs Ryu and ken fireballs but it’s prob cause I’m new, still getting used to focus attack and zonk.


just be lucky you don’t have to fight ryu and akuma on the same team like in UMVC3 -_-


Bait the shoryu but make sure your combos are tight otherwise you’ll eat a reversal.


It’s easier in Marvel :frowning:


If you’re getting hit by an srk in the middle of a combo, then that means that you’re a little slow on the lp to mp link. just go into training mode and practice it till you got it down.


I actually hate fighting Ryu as Cody. He’s probably the only shoto I hate fighting as him.

I lose to the most scrubby shit from that guy sometimes. Damn him.


I need to train how to use Ex zonk better cause I’m failing hard at it. always eating fireballs T_T


regular zonk is just as good at going through fireballs and it save you meter


Omg really? wtfffff have i been doing.


Another helpful tip against ryu is that his xx fireball poke isn’t a true blockstring. This means if you have zonk charged when he hits you with the while you are blocking, you can hit him with zonk if he cancels it into a fireball.


is zonk invincible from start to finish or just certain frames?


IIRC, Ryu’s xx fireball is a block string up close but from further distances it isn’t. But Ken’s isn’t a block string at any distance.

It’s only invincible for certain frames. I’m not sure which ones though, and you can be thrown out of it. It can also be stopped by low attacks. Ex is the only zonk invincible to low’s and throw for a certain amount of frames.


instead of c.jab, c.jab into crouching strong then criminal upper, replace the crouching strong with crouching short I find that easier to combo. That is if you’re finding them mashing to catch you missing the link.


If you’re fighting a masher, tight block strings will blow up the mashing. In fact, it’s a good idea to do rapid block strings like this against even grapplers or any character with a reversal-capable move. Besides, after the block string cr. LP xx cr. LP xx cr. LK, you’re just outside most characters’ cr. LP ranges, which is a solid offensive position for Cody. (The xx’s denote rapid-cancelling.)


Can’t you be dp’d between the 2nd cr.lp & the if it’s used as a block string & they’re mashing, i thought Cody’s only safe blockstring was 2 or 3 cr.lp’s ?


If you chain them together, it’s a true block string. It’s possible to chain into cr. LK.


Didn’t realize that, good to know, thx


I mean, you’re Cody, and technically you’re a prisoner/convict so…