Dealing with tournament nerves


I don’t know if this should be in the skullgirls section but since I only ever come here it seemed right.

I went to my fourth skullgirls tournament today, a very small local (local for people on the other side of the city anyway). Before skullgirls I’d been to one fgc event to play marvel, so I don’t know very many people, and each venue is a new one for me still. Save for Shadowloo Showdown, I’ve done well in all of those tournaments, but I still think I have a big problem. I can’t seem to play my best outside xbox live.

I’m hoping some of the more experienced fgc members could offer some advice for getting into rhythm outside my comfort zone, and especially tips for majors.


This would be better off asked in the Newbie Saikyo Dojo section of the forums. moves

A quick search gave the following links:


Pressure making you play worse? Welcome to mankind.
Just go out there and “grind” tournaments.


Play more tournaments so that you get used to them, nothing more to it than that.


I’ve never got tournament nerves, even when I got blown up on stream at seasons beatings because I had no clue/experience with the Juri vs E. Honda match up and made myself look like a total day one scrub in front of a few thousand people over the internet. I don’t get tournament nerves because I do all sorts of things in front of lots of strangers. I am a DJ, I am a Minister, I play bass in bands. My point is there may not be a tournament every week for you to quickly get the jitters out of your system, but you can do something public every week to get used to the thought of people staring at you. It can be as simple as going to the club and dancing even tho u don’t know how to dance.


I’m not sure I agree totally. I had years of DJ experience before my first tournament. I still got the jitters.

Though if it helped for you, cool!


Add the minister part, not only will it make you more money, but you are standing infront of the whole wedding with only your words. After about 5 weddings you will be straight :wink:


@OP: I can sympathize. I find that when I play at tournaments or even at offline meetups, I don’t play my best because I am aware that people are watching me. I have missed simple links in matches and immediately gone to training mode afterward to practice it, only to hit it 25/25 times (no joke). Perhaps it’s worth mentioning that I’m also an amateur musician, and that I choke/get stage fright when performing solo, but when performing with a band I do fine. I was also the Program Director for my college radio station, and being on the air didn’t give me any trouble at all.


Oh cool you DJ?


Oh cool you play Dee Jay?


I think he mean’t DJing, as in mixing and scratching music.


the major way ive already dealt with tournie jitters may not be a good way… depending on who you talk to, but its worked for me:

dont go in expecting anything except to TRY and play your best. dont go in thinking “gotta win, gotta get top 3, gotta top 8” etc it just sets up an expectation that if it gets close to not being accomplished, WILL cause nervousness. instead for me i always go in thinking “im gong to try and play my best, im going to adapt quicker than normal, im going to lose to anyone who is legitimately better than myself, above all IM GOING TO HAVE FUN!” however this only works out till you’ve established yourself as a good player… once you do, theres always pressure from everyone elses expectations.

also in response to the bolded:

certain shit works alot better in lag… nuff said. not having an opponent right there “to make you nervous” also helps out. opponents can hear your mashing and act accordingly.
offline i play much different versus people that mash versus online (cause i cant hear them) and finally hearing other peoples buttons as well as the game speed offline being much faster are also things to consider.

best way to deal with this is simply to play offline alot, learn which of your online tactics simply arent suited to offline and to get comfortable playing against an opponent that even though minimal, has a certain amount of “physical presence” and get used to that physical presence… it can be offsetting for players that arent used to arcades and playing right next to your opponent.



There’s two ways I did it. Extreme focus. I focus so hard on the game at hand that I don’t hear anything around me. However, before I unlocked my “extreme focus” technique, I money matched people, few bucks here and there. Apple pies, ice cream sandwiches, or whatever.