Dealing with turtley Guiles?

I’m not sure about anyone else, but thus far, I’ve had more trouble with Guiles than any other character in the cast. It seems all they have to do is start the match with a SB, and hold db until the end. If I approach I get flash kicked. And many I’ve played don’t even seem to bother throwing any SBs once they have a safe position, so I can’t even walk back and attempt to bait an SB to EX hooligan my way over.

Has anyone been successful against this style of play, and have thoughts?

Don’t jump ever
absorb the sb with fa and move forward or neutral jump over sb and move closer.Corner is the worst sport for a guile
punish them if they do a d+hk after u block the first hit
if they do a sb on wakeup,do a canon spike.
Bait the flash kick and punish it hard
Lots and lots of patience.
ex spiral somtimes under there sb for knockdown and then start mixup.

hate guile and turtles:sad:

Feed them.

Don’t ask me why but Cammy is my Guile counter :confused:
I havnt ever played a decent Guile but I would say my win rate is about 80% vs random Guiles.
A few thing I do is;
When i’m just outside flashkick range do a neutral jump 9 times out of 10 they will flash kick and then punish.
When they SB and follow it EX SA when they are very close because the will do that forward fierce to combo.
Also always look when they have charge ready for safe jumpins and ex hooligans.
If they are playing serious turtle jump over/absorb SBs and they will get impatient.
Good luck with those Guiles :looney:
EDIT: oh and focus owns his sweep

There’s a thread entirely devoted to matchups here:

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and add dash or walk up throw.

Guile was hard, but now he’s easy. I’m starting to see why he’s so busted now.

  1. Don’t jump in because you will get flash kicked. If you feel the urge to do it, DON’T. just don’t.

  2. Bait flash kicks on wake up. Cross up but don’t attack and watch those flash kicks come out. Punish accordingly.

  3. FADC sonics booms to piss them off (watch out for EX).

  4. Punish his 2-hit sweep on block. You can punish right after the first hit with EX C.Spike, FA, or ULTRA/Super.

  5. EX Hooligan on full screen Sonic Booms for the easy knockdown.

  6. TURTLE. They can do it, and so can you. If the situation isn’t favorable to you, don’t force it. Throw out some LK SA/TK CS/ LP SBF to bait something.

Generally, once I notice any character is turtling, I kind of do like this psuedo turtle thing with cammy myself where I back off. Usually, it causes them to come out of it and gives me just the momentum I need to strike.

Yeah, guile is beginning to be an easy fight for me now. I mess with TK strikes and bait for flash kicks, hooligan, and tick throws.

I recently just found out that Cammy can Ultra and beat Guile’s ultra. After he does his first flash kick, you can use your ultra. Just make sure he’s almost touching the ground. You can also spam lk at the same time to stuff it.

Props for Vortex for telling me this :smiley:

u can also do an ultra after a missed flash kick.
Trap bait and punish :slight_smile:

How do I fight a turtle guile? I set the controller down, walk to the mini fridge and get another beer. Really though I am looking forward to trying out some of the things you all have talked about in this thread but of course ever since I have learned how to face a T.Guile nooone ever picks him, which…now that I think about it …thats ok.

you can also cl.fp into c.spike after his first flash kick during his ultra