Dealing with wake up cross up set ups



Goodevening eveyrone,
First I would ike to thank everyone of you in advance.

I’m losing a lot of matches because i’m not sure how to deal with cross up set ups after i’ve been knocked down. I’m still struggling to do an Auto correct DP. I generally don’t have time to parry . how do you manage to deal with them? the only way I found so far is blocking and it is not ideal, beacuse it’s still leaves me wide open for mixups.

The other question : against Nash : How do you deal with the flowchart Nash who keeps using the SB + MS frame trap ? the only one I found so far was the parry , but it’s really hard since he can delay the MS.

Thank you in advance.



I am just a scrub, so maybe my method is not the best one but…

1/ How to deal with cross-up:
Just watch this video: (I learned from this also)

2/ How to deal with Nash gimmick: SB+ MS frame trap
My method is anti air him (Actually I learned from another player as well)

You can practice here:
Go to training mode
Record 1: Let Nash do SB + MS
Record 2: Let Nash do SB only
Record 3: Let him do nothing

So you can practice block SB and recognize if he do MS. If you see him jumps, it means it’s time to anti-air him.


Ah, he’s talking about cross ups on his wake up. This takes away the air to air option, unfortunately.
The crosscut motion in the video is still relevant (the only option, actually).

I think the only way to deal with meaty cross ups is to cross-cut/auto-correct dp.
It’s hard to do. The only way to get better is to find a knockdown and cross up set up and record the cpu doing it.
Most characters in SFV can’t deal with cross-up meaties and are forced to block.
Ryu can beat them, but the barrier to entry is the difficulty of the crosscut. Once you perfect it, the opponent will have a much harder time opening you up with jump ins.
Aside from doing the forward, down forward, down back motion (where the timing of the down back matches their cross up, making it a “down forward” input), there aren’t really any tricks to doing this.
It’s just practice. (I’m bad)