Dealing with Yun (and divekicks)?



Please tell me there are some secret tech I’ve missed because this Matchup seems almost impossible.

It’s already hard to AA as it is but even more so when opponents can change trajectory, and the damage is negligible vs the damage Yun gets on jumping + Oki.

You can’t throw fireballs fireballs because Yun can punish with shoulder on reaction, even HP AE, and get knockdown or Ultra for it. He gets in for free with EX Lunge punch. Footsies is hard and risky due to slow walk speed and risk of dive kicks on her slow medium pokes.

What am I missing?


Welcome to one if her worst match ups. It’s a struggle


Don’t forget about Juri. :wink:


The match isn’t that bad, she doesn’t win it though

Stand Jab xx hp fb
Cr. Mp xx hp fb
air to air forward jump mp
stand rh
jump rh

If you make a habit of checking yun, showing a move that would hit a possible dive kick, every time he neutral jumps and he should have trouble getting in via the air. You should only be hesitant to fb recklessly, which you shouldn’t be doing anyway, when he has meter.

If you’re knocked down already, it sucks, but that suckiness isn’t unique to Poison.