Dealing with zoning in Mvc3, especially Doom missiles. Also, punishing armor attacks

So how do beat zoners + assists? I have trouble with sent beam combined with doom missiles. If I jump i just get hit by the missiles and i’m back to square 1. Even when I get close, the missiles hit me going upwards. I teleport next to it I get hit. Does the missiles cross over? Also sent drones are killing me. Magneto disruptors are annoying. How am I supposed to get in against phoenix spamming tracking fireballs?

Do I need invincible assists to get through the defense? What are the window of oppurtunities that I should take to get in?

I also have trouble dealing with sentinel S and hulks H to S. they seem punishable on block but I cant seem to get in bc the block stun? I’m not sure. How am I supposed to deal with this if its covered by sent drones or doom missiles?

Please help.

Which characters do you use?

Mag, wolvy, sent.

OK, with Magneto you can use Shockwave to completely blow through Sent + Doom missile zoning. If you can recognise the pattern at which they use certain moves you can punish them through the gaps. If you don’t want to use meter :l: Disruptor is very quick and can easily be used to knock Sentinel and Doom out of their attacks, use this time to move in on Sentinel and start your offense. Another thing you can do with Mags is super jump and then activate fly, this gets you away from Sentinel lasers and then you can use Magneto’s air dashes to avoid the missiles if you’re quick, just be aware of Sentinel below since he will probably be trying to smack you down during this time.

Wolverine can use his Beserker Slash’s invincibility to dodge projectiles and hit the opponent, but don’t use it from full screen because it won’t reach and you’ll probably get hit. To get past this zoning you’re gonna have to carefully move in to mid-range from your opponent where you will become a threat and they’ll have to think twice about trying to zone you. You might want to consider calling Magneto’s assist (Assuming it’s Disruptor) and then super jumping or dashing in. Drill claw can also be used to cover a good bit of distance on your opponent.

Remember that you you can always move in closer to Sentinel after you block a cr.:h:, a :h: that hasn’t been cancelled into cr.:h: and when he fires drones. These are the windows you need to take advantage of. Also Doom won’t be refreshed quick enough to completely lock you down so after you see he has been used, try to identify the gaps between Sentinels attacks and use those to move in/start offense.

I’ll probably be back to write some more if this is helpful.

also, if you are really pressed… hsien-ko has LV3 Hyper armor that is godlike.Use that and her senpu-bu to clear the distance

Neither one of those moves is punishable on block unless you XFactor cancel your guard . You have to make them whiff to punish them if you don’t want to spend X Factor.

Careful though,Hulk’s standing H can be canceled into quite a few moves.Gamma Charge is the most common,but it can also cancel into any of his supers. Gamma Crush is by far the most dangerous because it has invincible startup making it an excellent counter to counter attacks. It can also cancel into his Gamma Wave.Gamma Wave is actually a very nice projectile despite its slow moving speed. It has excellent durability and a huge hitbox.Your best bet against Hulk is to not let him get close enough to you to get off a standing H. If he does you have to do your best to block and get him away from you, unless you have a suitable counter like Haggar or Tron’s assists. Hulk doesn’t have enough tricks to open people up on his own so good blocking shuts down a lot of his options.If he has a low hitting assist you have to watch out for a mixup.None of this is what you were asking though, so I’ll stop.

Sentinel’s S is actually not that big of a deal.It can’t be canceled into anything without X-Factor.It has Hyper Armor which is different than Hulk’s Super Armor in that it requires more hits from your opponent to get Sentinel into hitstun during the move’s active frames.It is very punishable when it whiffs. Smart Sentinel players don’t throw that move out very much.

The Drone and Doom Missile assists don’t actually open you up, they just allow your opponent to get close to you or get away from you.Hulk likes these assists,but they don’t actually enable him to open you up any easier unless the Hulk player tries to trick you into blocking and throws you with his Command Grabs instead.Magneto can shut down Hulk with his disruptor easily from a distance. Hulk can’t call these assists either or else they will eat a disruptor too.

The nice thing about Mag’s disrutpor is that it clears all of Sent’s drones while hitting him at the same time. If you have Magneto and you hear Sent come out with drones you can usually just beam the drones and get some dmg on Sent at the same time.

The biggest problem I have is when Sent has me in the corner. The player I usually face will either spit or command grab. If I anticipate spit and he grabs = dead character. If I anticipate grab and he spits I end up jumping over the beginning of the spit but get hit by the very tail end of it = dead character.

I usually play Tasky and tried an experiment to see if I could punish Sent’s cr.M into rocket punch… No dice. There’s not even enough time to bust out the counter-hyper between the kicks or between the kick and the rocket punch. (yet somehow it’s possible to stand up in-between the multiple hits of the cr.m…)

The problem against sent spit and doom missiles is the timing of the missiles. After the spit the missiles hit me. If i do a disruptor, then I get hit by the missiles. I don’t think its a good trade. The L disrupter doesn’t go through the spit i believe. It gets beat by double spit. Isn’t that right? I think I tried it before. I really dont want to counter pick with say dante. Even when I do use dante, he might teleport during the doom assist call and get hit. Which is a free combo for sent. Does a well timed Magnetic Shockwave clear the missiles any time those missiles are out, because it looks like they just disappear for a while?

So when dealing with sent drones, I should do keep away? If I don’t have magneto, what do I do? Super jump?

Also, how do I deal with Hulk and drones corner pressure? Hulk’s jump S covers so much of the screen and his special rush attacks. Its so scary pressing a button because of the armor.

Thanks for the feed back. Keep them coming.

You have to use disruptor before Sentinel spits.Disruptor comes out faster than spit. It prevents Sentinel from zoning you from the ground.Doom is very easy to punish if you can predict the missile assist.Doing it after he has sent alot of missiles into the air is a great way to get hit. You should try to get your offense going before your opponent does.You shouldn’t just let them call assists and setup on you.

You don’t have to play keepaway when dealing with drones. Remember, the drones don’t come out if Sentinel gets hit.Sometimes your only choice is to block them.

Hulk’s armor can be daunting, but you can always block his armored moves.You should work on blocking and pushblocking against Hulk. He has to try very hard to earn his openings. He isn’t going to do any crazy crossups or mixups with the exception of his throws. His throw mixups can be annoying.

Have you ever tried jumping? It defeats that little strategy. Sentinel can’t command grab you out of the air and you can always knock him out of his spit if he is close to you.

Doom - Feign zoning with mag and tri-jump in… missles cant catch you… if he’s spamming beam and rocks at the same time as missles… flight mode and fast-dash in.
Sentinel (S) - Spam s.L/A upon their entry or use hyper grav. If you time it right you can just cancel s.A into S and it will negate the armor. Same goes for Hulk.
Magneto - If he’s spamming… take the chip on one of them and start spamming after he’s done with one Estaka, considering yours comes out faster than he recovers after his comes out.

If you’re having trouble with anything while using wolverine, you’re not doin’ it right.

I use Zero’s Level 3 and X-23 supers because of the invincibility it provides to deal with the annoying move spammers/assists. Costs meter but it’s worth the risk.

[LEFT]I would say your best bet is to put Wolverine on point and then Mags second. That way you can use EM disruptor assist to help clear shit for Wolvie and then just B Slash in with the invincibility once you find a good opening and turn on XF or berserker charge and go to town. Someone using sent drones I would think you should be able to take care of with that strat well enough.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Against hidden missles…you have to basically rushdown and just try to land damage on Dr.Doom. Dr.Doom has to be protected really well or he can take chunks of damage that will make his calls more obvious. Which means the general strategy is to just rush in as fast as you can with wolvie after calling disruptor and just make your job to land any clean hits possible on Dr.Doom before the missles come down. Once the missles come down just block them (try not to pushblock them if you can so you can stay in. Once you establish close range as long as didn’t get hit they can’t call hidden missles again or you can just tear the assist up to death and then they no longer have an assist.[/LEFT]

I haven’t had a problem with any character using Sent drones since I picked up Dante(jam session)/X23(ankle slice or crescent scythe)/Dr.Doom(plasma beam). Level 2 charged play beats the durability on L disruptah so he’s forced to use the slower starting H disruptah to beat the durability which can be blown up by teleports. Sent drones gets blown up for free by Doom’s plasma beam assist. Once I get into a rhythm with the level 2 charged air play and plasma beam assist they have to either try to get in or mash on shockwave to clear up some space or guess right on a teleport.

If for some reason Dante dies instead of killing off the point character then X23 comes in with an assist that works well with her aerial specials and wave dash to help her get in. The same assist also sets up all her mix ups and combos so she’s a pretty complete character even with that one assist.

Like said above she also has 2 supers if worst comes to worst to get through shit. If she’s already pretty close she can use rage trigger which basically acts like a DP super since the invincibility starts on frame 1 and its active very soon after. Weapon X Prime has about 6 frames of start up before the invincibility kicks in but once it does it travels the full screen across in an instant and if they were spamming on any projectile even any projectile super they will get hit since it has those 60 frames of invincibility. If it hits do a DHC combo (usually into XF2 sphere flame which kills most of the cast instantly) or if it gets blocked safe DHC into photon array and get Doom in to fight off the projectile spam.