Deamon Flip Block String?



I seem to be having trouble consistently getting my DF kick, and any other follow up to make a block string. Is this not a reliable block string or am I probably doing somthing wrong? Or is it made this way to mix up and bait out counter attacks?


you cant get a true block string after df dive kick.
they can mash out.


It depends on the angle you hit the opponent on, if they block it and you hit them around the head, you might get a reversal, but if you hit them from the body down, then you can do a safe block string IIRC.


oh yeah, theres that too!


EX demon flip is solid if you can score a meatie. (Say you did as a meatie, go for an EX DF grab). The invincibility frames and auto-tracking let you get away with a lot in a mixup as long as you’re not predictable. is pretty solid normal at upclose for initiating DF mixups, especially since it can trade with shoto SRKs.

(Although, on a side note, his mixups are not good enough justification for the absence of better blockstrings in SSFIV, imho)

To me, EX DF is his best move in the game for mixups. Especially when you have trouble landing his BnB on smarter opponents.

Nepthall and Osiris know I use this move a lot in our mirror matches.


I like to do 2 crouching jabs standing short crouching short into demon flip I get some decent results sometimes I’ll pause after the last crouching short especially against shotos and see what reaction I get if they seem to like to reverse dp I’ll stick to his cr.fierce into hado to play it a little safer


i think that they can mash out of anything after gouken’s first two c.lp’s.


As long as u start the string deep enough the can’t be interrupted I believe I don’t really get it interrupted unless I’m too far away or I’m thinking to much and screw my timing thinking what I’m gonna do next