A few issues:
[]Super Bar:
]Could you please change these back to the original lengths? I don’t care if the color changes, but the lengths are important for correctly judging how much meter my next hit or whiff is going to give me (See C-Royd’s DED tutorial).
[]I’m going to guess why they were shortened: it was probably to make room for the X-box live & PSN notifications (continued in #3).
]Character pictures:
[]The 1st picture is a screen shot of a random online match.
]The 2nd picture is a screen shot of a PS2 match. The PS2 looks like the arcade aside from the infinite timer.
[]I understand that you have to display the fancy new art (that I like), and you even embedded them in the character portraits under the life bar. Again, I don’t care what color you make the life bar or what font you use for the timer and win annotations, BUT if you’re going to replace something, don’t remove its uses:
]In comparison to the PS2 screen shot, the OE screen’s character portraits do NOT translate the color picked for that character. [Question of the Day: In the OE screenshot, can you tell which Ryu is 1P and 2P?] On the other hand, the PS2 (and the arcade) version will change the picture according to hair color, clothing, and even skin and eye colors. I’m guessing that recoloring each portrait would be kind of a pain in the ass. If you can’t do it, I’m asking for the original pixel art until you can recolor the new portraits for every character’s color scheme.
[]Another little quirk that really doesn’t matter, the portraits them selves are always faced in the new arts’ painted direction. Originally in the arcade, the portraits were directly looking at each other as if they were facing off (Ken Vs. Ken on the arcade is probably the best example). I’m guessing that simply mirroring the portrait wouldn’t be too hard.
]Placement of the “Your Friend is Online” notification:
[]We should all know that 3S involves a heavy game of footsies. It’s a little harder to do in the middle of the screen when a huge gray box starts hiding limbs. I’ve gently marked areas 3a & 3b for recommendations on Notification Placement (of course, if Microsoft and Sony allow that).
]3a is the giant area on either side of the screen when played in 4:3 aspect ratio. The designers did well in recognizing that players wouldn’t want to see “achievement unlocked” pop-up EVERY time something happened. That’s why they placed the achievement off of the screen of play. I believe the same should be done with that “I’m online” box.
All-in-all, these sound like simple changes to me. #s 1 & 3 are the two that have any gameplay impact: #1 depending on whether the players care to watch their meter & #3 because we don’t need a stage specific obstacle like Chun-Li’s table nor Makoto’s tree that randomly decides to make itself known. #2 seems like a something the designers simply overlooked b/c the character portrait has a subtle use.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Derek Neal and crew for re-releasing the game that I love. I hope the managing team will continue to take care of it.

(Note: Edited from grammatical & spelling errors and emphasis.)

For your suggestion #3, is that handled by the dev? I haven’t played much in the last few years but it seems that’s standard across all games no?

I honestly don’t know. That’s why I put “If Micro and Sony” will allow that to be changed.

Actually, 3SOE’s character portrait art isn’t new, it’s the original art that is also displayed in the character select screen when you highlite a character. It’s existed since the arcade. The only character to have new art is Q, which I think is stupid and should be changed because it’s inlogical.

Also, PS3’s notifications appear in the upper right part of the screen, and you can turn them off.

Other than that, yeah, change 'em all, especially the meters.

They can put the 360 notifications in different places, or you can turn them off in your preferences

just replace it with the original. It looks just as low res as the characters and everything else, so what? Also jwangggg brings this up every moment but the new meter’s default color is too close to the blinking ex color. Sometimes not sure if it’s flashing or not.

Of course the length super fucks things up. can barely tell if it’s a pixel or two pixels more to super, shit like that. Can’t judge it too well.

capcom/iron galaxy please just give us the option. please. I don’t completely loathe the new hud but it hurts more than it helps.

I for one heartily support this.

god tier thread…let’s make this happen!

q’s portrait is from an udon comic or something. so random.

not hud related but i believe yun’s character select portrait is actually reversed when selecting him and at the vs screen. his back is supposed to face the opponent. you know those rebellious teenagers and their rowdy antics.

sorry but recolouring portraits isn’t going to happen. they used reduced-size ikeno art so it doesn’t share the same palette as the sprites like the old mugshots did. and with 20+ colours per character, don’t hold your breath.

please change everything posted in the opening post.

id rather just have an option to make it look like the original actually.

also i beg you capcom, to please let us use the old sounds. i cannot stand trashcan shoryus.

Eh? Hud doesn’t bother me much, they just need to patch this game and fix all the audio/visual shit that isn’t right…

Also, fix the matchmaking… and give me the option to get rid of those achievements… this game was obviously made for HD so why am I playing on a letterbox view(I guess they couldn’t do it without distorting the game too much)…

Ah well, CRT is the way to go anyway…

dude how about the like insane GONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG when a round ends.

Notifications can be moved to just about any area of the screen. It’s definitely dev dependent. They can also be turned off entirely.

Capcom, please read and follow this first post. It would be awesome and would make everyone playing this game happier.

I dont even get why they make a HD-HUD when the rest of the game is beautiful pixel-art :>
a option to turn the HUD back to the original would be great <3

I agree with everything TC has said. Especially with the character portraits. Even though there are now 7 new colors for every character with the Color Pack 1 DLC, it wouldn’t be too hard changing the color of the portraits to match. It’s just the skin, hair, eyes, and top. Not even the pants. And the portraits aren’t animated either.

I’m happy that at least the players I respect agree. Hopefully this will gain traction and get noticed by CAPCOM. I couldn’t title the thread any more directly.

im still shocked when people dont understand the portraits are linked to the character palette. it’s not like someone is going in and changing each part specifically to then be loaded by the game when a specific color character is chosen.

that’s the only reason they don’t do that now. they’re illustrations in OE, not in game sprite work tied to the same palette.

It would literally just take organizing references correctly for those new colors to show up on the old style character images below the stamina/stun bar.

If i’m wrong then I don’t know how the hell capcom built the game originally but they did it the hard way.

I don’t know about completely turning them off. I’ve heard that people cleared their friends’ lists to build a decent 3S players list. They would probably still want to be notified.

If they are going to fix anything please fix the matchmaking system. When they were advertising this game with arcade perfect gameplay. ggpo net code and hd graphics they failed to let us know they were also including the worst fucking matchmaking ever.

I wanted to address issues when playing offline first.