Dear Capcom

Getting really f’ing tired of after-match console freezes on ps3 in random situations. I’ve had it happen win or lose where my opponent does not disconnect and i have no choice but to restart my ps3. Fix this!

Had this too, on a Gill x Gill mirror match.

this has happened to me like 8 times on xbox

I’ve only experienced this twice, but offline.

this happened to me once on ps3. everything froze but the music was still playing, and my friends’ stats were all messed up. couldn’t access xmb. had to reboot ps3.

… wonder when they’ll do a patch this game already.

Once for me, after someone won a match I tried to hit rematch with the quickness but the game frooze with the a screen and the after match grade+quote+othershit.

I thought HD R was patched multiple times but actually capcom did one mega patch, that game was release in november 2008 and got a patch march of 2009.

4 months almost.

Let’s hope capcom doesn’t take that long with this game.

EDIT: actually not as bad as I thought again, it came out in march, 4 months after release.

they aren’t, once again, Capcom trolls the fuck out everybody. What will complete this is if Ono fulfills his wish of balancing this game.

Troll letter to the fans.


I’d better not see a patch any time in the next two weeks unless it’s a patch that’s fully focused on fixing matchmaking/room joining. We’re not likely to get a million patches here and any patches released super fast like that would just be as half-assed as the game currently is. They should fix the stuff that makes the game unplayable for the majority of people who are new or online only and then later on, a month or so, fix the game for the hardcores. I would find it difficult to believe that just because we don’t get an instant half-ass patch that players like DevilJin or Ryan are just going to vanish and never come back.

The hardcore community will still be here in a months time, so I’d like to see that if we do get a patch it’s a quality patch with time and effort spent on it. Even if they decide to charge me another $15 for it, as long as it does a solid job of fixing current issues and providing actual features like this “most feature-packed” fighting game was supposed to do I won’t mind at all. If we instead get a rush job, or a patch that takes 3 months and fixes nothing, or just a bunch more color/match packs then I’ll probably be pretty unhappy. Maybe even as unhappy as Ryan is, haha.

I definitely don’t want a rush job, though, and any patches released during the next few weeks would be nothing more than a rushed half-ass patch.

To be fair, Ono never once expressed interest in balancing 3rd Strike. That was Seth Killian’s idea.

I do remember reading a interview about Ono wanting to touch that game. Maybe im just tripping out right now. Well, I know what SF5 is going to be

Your asking to much from Capcom.

I do wish it will take that long.
This would mean they actually fix a lot of things and that they test that shit for real this time.

yeah yeah yeah

I forgot to edit the last line when I realized it didn’t take half a year, just 4 months.