Dear Cartoon Network



As I haven’t noticed much talk about this. But there was going to be a full on new Swat Kats -series- backed by Warner Bros.

-Just- because cartoon network said no that shut that idea down. And there trying VOD/streaming options and such now. Young Justice, Thundercats, now this and others. GO. FUCK. YOURSELF. cartoon network. And yes this needed it’s own thread. Sick and fucking tired of cartoon network fucking up so many shows so many times. Why the fuck would they even NEED cartoon network for this anyway? Warner Bros. has more than enough money to broadcast this in someway on there own without cartoon network. Why do some people even do business with cartoon network with the track record they have? There not the end all be all of cartoons.


Sometimes you gotta let it go.

Let it go.

CW never bothered me anyway.


Exposure to new viewers that might not know what SWAT Kats is.


People still watch cable?


It’s probably a good thing that CN didn’t accept this, because look at what The Powerpuff Girls reboot became…

Anyway, like what many people suggested on the Swat-Kats Kickstarter page, well-known steaming services would be the best way to go for the series.


It would be better off getting picked up by netflix imo. Cartoon network is steaming dog shit and people that watch it need to drown in a ocean of piss.


The only time I ever venture CN is when Toonami is on


doubt the new swat cats would have lasted more than two seasons, they weren’t really popular back then either

if the new powerpuff girls is any indication, there would have been twerking



Stop making threads.


Cartoon Network hasnt been good since before I graduated High School


CN saved you from a fate worse than death. You should be grateful.

Just waiting on their Captain Planet reboot but in CGI.


Uh, no bruh (can’t believe I typed that). Back then, Swat Kats was a ratings giant. Only lasted two seasons then because of the usual executive bullshit back then (and they wanted more Captain Planet promotion).
Hell, the second season of it was the way it was because of the boost in funds and giving creators more leeway after the first season brought in the dough.

And I never do Kickstarters, but this was done by the two guys who wrote and created the series, so… have doubts it’ll end up like the new Powerpuff Girls going on right now.


Fucking weab

We bare bears is awesome


The SWAT Kat’s Revival is being done by the original creators. It won’t suffer from the same tragedy as the Powerpuff Girls reboot. It’s fucked up that WB turned it down when they want to revitalize Hanna-Barbera stuff.


I’m probably one of the few 90’s kids who isn’t up in arms about the new shows while crying about my childhood being ruined. Shit changes, deal with it. I enjoy Steven Universe, Gumball, and Clarence, but even though I’m not feeling the new PPG reboot, I’m not going to compare it to the original show. Just like Teen Titans Go, it’s not meant to be like the original - they’re both basically “modernized parodies” of the original shows (at least from my perspective, with the use of slang and twerking), and the next generation won’t always experience what the previous generation did. Now, I’m not saying they’re good (haven’t seen much of PPG reboot other than the twerking outrage and TTG is a hot mess to be honest), but they haven’t caused me any distress.

That’s said, I’ve never really watched Swat Katz, but if the reboot is being done by the original creator, then it shouldn’t suffer the same treatment as the PPG reboot.


You’re all grown men crying over shows aimed at children.

Pony fuckers the lot of you.


It’d be great if there wasn’t already like 5 SHOWS BASED AROUND POP CULTURE.

CW doesn’t know how to do shit else now.

That’s why the new PPG is fucked


Should have known it was Tien Gouki who made this thread, rofl. Forever salty about cartoons. Swat Kats is top 5 of all time for me and I’m not even salty.

'dat season 2 intro doe:

One of the best animated intro sequences in US cartoon history.


The shit you liked/used to like isnt what they have in mind for their target demographic anymorre.