Dear Gill players

drink this and BEGONE! you fucking waste of air :annoy:,%20Clean%20Linen,%206-96oz%20Bottles(%20CLO02467).jpg

Lol I came across 2 Gill users, one who was trolling everyone and when I crushed him with my Q, the room went wild.

They are never good, and it’s always funny crushing these fools but yeah, it’s a waste of everyones time.

Maybe we can send feedback to Capcom to make all lobbies have Gill banned by default (Lobby creators can edit afterward if they wish).

They should also allow you to see what lobbies have certain characters banned before you enter them.

yeah. a lot of people are just not banning gill out of laziness when they create lobbies, or they’re forgetting that it’s an option. having him pre-banned would make the most sense and save time.

maybe setting your “favourite character” when you search causes lobbies with your character banned to be excluded in the results? never tried it myself but i wonder if it’s used for something like that.

Meh… make your own room and ban him from the start.

Problem solved.

The mark of my dignity shall scar thy DNA

Haaaa ha ha ha ha!

Yo they leaked the updates to Gill theme for the next patch/dlc