Dear HDR'ers...


I compiled a guide on how to play Cammy! I hope some new player discovers it even though I sincerely doubt they will, lol! Give the guide a look, I tried to make it cool and fun. I realized that there are literally zero HDR guides on the net. I assume at least ST guides exist?



It isn’t actually front kick, it is thrust kick.

Also, while the info is great (good job!) I would maybe put all her normals in one area, under footsies

I think you miss going over jumping normals, other than jump lk being a crossup, maybe should put which ones to use if you want priority, range, and a mix or something


Yeah, I realized my error until after I made the video (was too lazy to change it). Front Kick it is, lol. I can always re-make the guide if enough people want me to, but I’d be surprised if even 100 people look at this guide. Can’t see any new players wanting to get into HDR suddenly - and playing as Cammy to boot.


Fuck your american names, the moves cammy do are spiral arrow and cannon spike.


Sigh. You probably call Akuma “Gouki” and Charlie “Nash” don’t you? Chances are you:

  1. Are a white guy
  2. Don’t live in Japan

This is a website based in the US. You’re the one who needs to get the fuck over it.


I’ve been called “Gouki” many times. But I believe that is due to my Asian descent.


Not in this game. Just look at the move list.


So, about the guide itself…:smiley:


Awesome guide. I would love to see more of these types of quick guides available for a variety of characters, for both ST and HDR. Hmmm…it’s got me thinking…


Yup. I was asked to do Akuma and Ryu, was thinking to also do for Dee-Jay and Vega. I suck with Ryu though, hopefully someone else can make it. Either way, I’ll be making a few more guides just to do my part for the community.


You had me when I heard the Alpha 3 music <3

Not bad at all for a first attempt.


It needs more editing but I was too lazy and wanted to release it. Perhaps next time…


I like the part when words tell me whats happening. After that, I know whats going on.


I wanted to start using Cammy more after Jinjah16 annihilated me using her. Also she kinda clicks with me but her range is tricky. This guide will help me, I think.

Maybe someone could make a Chun Li guide?


I would love to see guides for akuma, dee jay and vega. Don’t forget about zangief! keep up the good work, HDR will never die!


Hey Norieaga, want to discuss Cammy strats? I’m on XBL under SLEZv1


Sure, add me up if I don’t add you first! Tag is Norieaga. I barely play HDR anymore but I’m always down for chatting.


Cool stuff Norieaga, I applaud your efforts. Just one small piece of advice for whatever it’s worth…

Maybe consider showing your techniques in real-time match play. I’ve done a few short vids myself in the past and I personally like to demonstrate how a particular technique or strat works against real players.That way you can show the pros and cons of trying something at a particular time in the match and the reward or punish of doing so.

Just my 2 cents. Again, great job. :slight_smile:


It would take too much time. First I’d have to play the match and then I’d have to ensure I land the certain move or setup multiple times. Of course, if a player agreed to act as a training dummy then that’d be different. But honestly, for the amount of exposure the video will get its just not worth it. Sadly not many people care about HDR - and those who do already know how to play it. :slight_smile:

Heck, I barely play HDR myself. Community isn’t what it once was.


Good job on the vid Norieaga! Your stuff is always very well done. I love seeing HDR promoted.

I’ve considered doing a vid like the one Decoy described, a Honda shenanigan vid like his many great Blanka shenanigan videos (that he always found ways of getting clips in of me looking bad, LOL), but like Norieaga said it would be pretty time consuming for the small amount of people who would find it worthwhile, even though most of it would apply to both ST and HDR. Especially since I don’t have any good editing software. If it actually might help newer players or get someone to play ST/HDR I would probably put in the time, though.

(shameless plug alert) It took me awhile to do my first SF2 combo video (doing the combos was the easiest, fastest part, LOL), so compiling parts of a lot of different real matches would take me forever.