Dear Juri Mains

Hello all, this is K1 =) (lolcwutididthere)

I used to main Guy (some of you may recognize me ;D) and was regarded as being in the top 5 Guy players in the US. Ive decided to drop Guy for various reasons and have been learning and using Juri pretty extensively and im 90% sure i want to main her now. Im fairly certain ive got most of her stuff down regarding BnB’s, followups, etc. I just need some matchup experience / advice for certain matchups. overall im just looking for someone to join me in an endless lobby, take a look at my juri, and tell me what im missing, if anything. The best way to get in touch with my would be through my AIM, which is:

Blindfold H3RO

if any high level juri players are willing to take a look at what ive got / troubleshoot anything im missing, it would be much appreciated. I wont be on until saturday because im going out of town for the holiday weekend, so like i said, AIM is the best way to get in touch with me. thank you to all who have read this much, and thank you to all who respond. hope to hear from yall soon.

btw, the juri boards seem like one of the nicer / more chill character sub forums on SRK. A lot of the sub forums are just filled with salt…its kinda ridiculous.

welcome aboard man. being a guy player myself, i’m pretty sure your accustomed to working hard for your wins lol. i would like to help help you, but i’m only PSN for now. but we can always discuss matchups, strats, etc on this forum or even AIM if you want.

EDIT: juri forums are usually nice long as you don’t troll lol

im not a high level juri player but welcome to one of the most intresting charecters in the game
as you probley all ready know by now that juri is passive agressive and not a rushdown charecter like guy is with great mix ups and cross ups, i can under stand why some people choose her because of her good zoning abillity and pokes, the one thing to remember while using juri is, each of her ultras work accordingly to who her match up is , shotos , graplers are tough for her to use ultra 1 because of getting in and comboing into her hits can be a pain against a simple shiryuken or comand grab , so for thoese charecters ultra 2 is a must for thoese match ups, as for everybody eles , ultra 1 seems to work pretty well
certain charecters with fireballs can be punished with dive kick if done quickly enough , being able to master juris footsies is vital for this charecter , as for the elaborate combos ---- i will just say , if you can do them great , but if not, then dont worry to much, her small combos are not bad aswell.
and i guess thats all i have to offer lol.

Welcome to the Juri forums!

And please, post vids of yourself haha. It’s always good to talk about each other’s vids.

Welcome to the juri forums =D

I don’t play online, but I’d be happy to have ‘Theory Fighter’ discussion and try to answer any questions you may have about Juri. My AIM username is in my profile.

Welcome to the forums K1. I played you alot before and seen your Guy in action. I’m sure you’ll be a great Juri. Welcome to the Juri forums. (ps, I’m back on the Juri forums after a few months of being away to all who know me.)

Well, I wouldn’t go as far as saying that I’m one of the best Juri players on these boards. But I know I’m the best/only Juri player within a several hundred mile radius. If you want to get some games in I’d enjoy the mirror, let me know. Or just add me on Xbl!

Hello 8)

I’m just getting started with Juri myself but unlike you I’m just a noob. Be sure to pass on your knowledge to the rest of us, k?

Been playing as Juri for about a week, really enjoying it. Learning and getting better every day.

Feel free to add me on XBLA. Please let me know your from SRK first, as I get a lot of random adds from playing in tournaments/being on IGN’s top Halo kills. Don’t want to accidentally write one of you off as spam!

Hello and i am also a juri player not to mention i use el fuerte on the side one of the two wierdest characters in the game lol. i would also like to play one of you guys. =]

Kailkun is the name, add me…ill play you anytime i can

Juri is DA BITCH. Can’t wait to see some of your vids.

I’m nowhere near godlike but I’m a pretty decent Juri player. You can add me (GT: Vulcan Hades) though I don’t have xbl for now, but when I get it back I’d like to test my skills against you. :slight_smile:

I’ve trained against most of the cast. So I know a lot of matchups pretty damn well.

4-6 matchups:

-Chun Li (nerfed)
-M.Bison (nerfed)
-E.Honda (nerfed)

Basically, defensive characters and chars with superior footsies and stamina.

5-5 matchups:

-Fei Long (buffed)
-Blanka (nerfed)
-Cammy (nerfed)
-Akuma/Ryu/Sagat (nerfed)
-Ken (buffed)
-Guile (nerfed)
-Dee Jay (buffed)

Not sure what the latest tier list says but that’s from my experience. Those are probably the matches you need to learn the most. The rest of the cast is pretty easy to deal with.

Matchups to lookout for in AE: Fei Long, Yun, Oni, Ken, M.Bison, Balrog, Rose and Dee Jay.