Dear Ken players..anti-air question for you


What is your favorite anti-air normal? What do you find the most effective? I’m not too concerned about damage (but hey, doesn’t hurt to know if so), more so looking for momentum interruption.

I mained Ken since Vanilla and have grown to be pretty comfortable but haven’t leveled up with him in quite a while. I recently picked up Dudley and learned from Smug videos that his duffs a LOT of the game.

Does Ken have anything like this that I don’t know of and should abuse more often for avid jumpers? I had just recently watched Momochi vs. Daigo in December of 2013 and didn’t really catch any effective anti-air besides mp.shoryu.

(also, if anyone cares to add, feel free…Why does Momochi use mp.shoryu as an anti-air over fp.shoryu?)

Thanks for the advice in advance. Hope I’m not breaking any forum rules here. Please inform me if I am.


Should this have gone in the Ken character discussion forum? I felt this was a noob question.


MP shoryuken has more invulnerability. FP shoryuken can get stuffed by certain jump attacks.

As far as normals go, cr.fierce from any shoto works pretty well. I don’t know why you’d ever need to do that when you have a special move practically designed as a perfect anti-air.


HP SRK has 4f invincibility, and MP SRK has 6f. Thing is, Ken’s MP SRK is unreliable compared to Ryu’s. The first hit doesn’t launch, so what can happen sometimes is that you’ll anti-air correctly, but only hit once and then whiff the second hit, and the opponent is left on the ground ready to punish.

Just looking at the hitboxes, I’d say far HP, cr. HP, and far LK look alright. I’d probably gravitate towards far LK for its hitbox and speed. Not much damage but lights as anti-airs (when they work anyway) are pretty easy to use.


I usually anti-air with LP Shoryuken just so I came follow up with a HP shoryuken. It annoys the shit out of people. I’ve never had to anti-air with a normal while playing as Ken