Dear Mad Catz - Please make some decent pads

Those are 30mm but you get the idea.

My ORIGINAL SF4 Blanka FightPad is still clunking along just fine with the amount of play I put into it.

But what to do if one of the directions starts to get off? I’m fearing this cause hitting diagonal down-left isn’t as ‘on point’ as it used to be.

I’m back to the shitty dual shock 3 pad because I’ve tried every pad, and what I want doesn’t exist. For the love of god, Mark Man, please make this.

in That particular one that is 24mm, just thought that I would point that out.

this is the ultimate pad. Sega got that shit right ages ago. It’s utterly rediculous that no pad comes even close to its level of design.

that PDP pad is an abomination.

Best possible pad would be like the Hori Fighting Commander 3:

But a little more circular to hit diagonals better. The only game that effects is KOF and short jumping. But the buttons have to be larger and have enough spacing between them like the Madcatz pad. But with 4 Shoulder buttons (no triggers) and that aren’t stiff. The Madcatz shoulder buttons as-is are very stiff and feel like I feel have to slam down on them.

And please no switch that moves the position of the D-Pad. The Hori Fighting Commander 3 Pro had it and it kept slipping out of place and the D-pad eventually broke in a matter of 4 months.

Also; if it’s a matter of quality versus cost I would easily pay $60 or so for a quality pad. Hell, I paid $55 for my Hori FC3 and it’s the best pad I’ve used and it’s going strong almost a year after I bought it. But I fear the day it may break down and have to succumb to the scalpers on Ebay. Seriously, a guy in Japan is selling the same controller for $100.

L buttons on right side?

You have just described the Hori Fighting Commander 3 PRO.

Please read this thread Markman.

All fight pads should have these qualities, or they are not adequate:

  1. Must be wired
  2. Dpad similar to the Saturn/Madcatz SFxT pad (If similar to SFxT pad then it needs to be slightly elevated or the diameter must be reduced)
  3. Rubber contacts for the dpad and buttons must be thick, and durable (as durable as the Dualshock 3 Sony pads)
  4. Face buttons which are nice and flush like the SFxT pad
  5. Two Shoulder buttons all on the right side of the pad (Left shoulder buttons are unnecessary for fighting games!)
  6. Shoulder buttons should have the same responsive click as a computer mouse

No. I described a pad that doesn’t exist yet, and hopefully Markman will get madcatz to make it. I’ve owned the HFC3 and the dpad on it is trash. It’s too stiff, and it’s too flat to the surface of the pad. Everything about the HFC3 is sublime except for the dpad. If Hori had made the HFC3 with a dpad like the saturn pad, or the sfxt pad then it would have been amazing, but they didn’t. It’s not rocket science. The pad that I crudely outlined in mspaint is the greatest design ever because it gives you the dpad of Saturn/Madcatz pad; the buttons of the madcatz pad (which are superior to the saturn), and the shoulder buttons all on the right side (which HFC3 gave us). That pad does not exist.

Also, for any pad to last it will need very durable rubber bases to hold the dpad contacts and the button contacts. HFC3 uses shit rubber for their dpad and button contacts. Madcatz also uses shit rubber for their contacts. The only pads that have good quality contacts for their dpad and buttons are the original genesis 3 button pad (shit mobility but good contacts; it was made in Taiwan), sega genesis 6 button pad (made in Japan), every Playstation pad, N64 pad(ok dpad, but requires converter), Snes pad(ok dpad, but requires a converter), and another odd pad that’s designed by another company that’s based on the dualshock style. That’s it. I bought an official Saturn Pad off of Ebay and even its rubber contacts broke from heavy use; however, this is most likely due to them being 20 years old!

I don’t know if it matters, but I’ve noticed that the rubber contacts that are thicker, and more opaque in color seem to be more durable than the ones that are more translucent. Sega 6 button uses a sky blue rubber contact; N64 uses a teal colored one; Dualshock 3 uses an opaque white one; the rubber contacts that tend to break use a more translucent contact that feels thinner, so when you vigorously maneuver the dpad it will eventually tear them off. Dualshock 3 is the best pad on the market in terms of durability, but it’s somewhat the worst in terms of function (also it’s wireless so it lags slightly).

The most durable pad, and the best functioning pad is the original Sega 6 button pad, but it only has one shoulder button, the mode button. Speaking of shoulder buttons, Yes, the SFxT shoulder buttons are too stiff. Once again, the best shoulder buttons on pads belong to these pads in this order: original Sega 6 button mode button (mouse click, and it is flush to the pad so it gives a faster response) , the official Sega Saturn button (it has the same click and responsiveness as a mouse click), HFC3 shoulder buttons, Psx 1 shoulder buttons.

I’m more in favor of them making a controller than can be both a fightpad a regular controller than just another fightpad. I think I posted my idea here. C’mon Madcatz!

Toodles has already proved it is the same as his Cthulhu wired board, over 4 years ago.

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Please, no posts like these in Tech Talk. If you’re buying or selling, use the Trading Outlet.

I’m not a pad fighting game player. But I recently picked up one of the MadCatz fight pads (360 version) and I’ve been finding it really useful for tossing in with my netbook on business trips to play the arcade type games that I have there on Steam. I find it be be a really solid pad in general. My complaint with them would actually be that they put one of the trigger buttons on the six face buttons on the pad. So on the PC the triggers actually map to full press or full release on the Z analog axis unlike the LB and RB buttons which map to actual button presses. This makes one of the face buttons much harder to map in for PC games. Just a minor complaint, but if a redesign ever but LB and RB on the face buttons and kept LT and RT on the triggers I’d consider it an improvement.

I think the Brawlpad has what you’re looking for, then, as it sports the bumpers on the controller’s face.

I have a Darkstalkers Sega Saturn PS2 pad that I love playing classic games and shmups with. I have the eTokki converter for 360 and I love it. Def one of the best pads for diagonal inputs. But, it has its flaws with newer fighters like UMvC3 or SSF4. I may have a semi worn pad because I bought it used but the buttons lack mashable quality like doing Dante’s Fireworks string would only come out half the time in a combo ruining my follow up super. Just doing particular inputs are less precise for certain things both d-pad and with the buttons. Anyone ever mod a sega saturn pad for more responsiveness in the buttons? I still love my stick but I agree with just sitting back and playing on a nice pad is always more relaxing and in a way tactile. Either way it’s still the best pad and if you can find one I’d still recommend it if you play many types of old-school games. If you could modernize the sega saturn pad and make it super quality I think many people would buy.

First thank you for necroing a old thread, or rather please don’t do that.

Modernize the Sega Saturn pad,How? the Sega Saturn Pad is about as good as it gets for digital game pads. With the PS2 variations being the most modern.
The newer **Play Sega **USB pads are trash.

The thing is those nice rubber or silicone domes for the button contacts wear out eventually, destroying the pad’s usability for anything but a nice PCB.

The Sega USB pads are trash… I had two of the official licensed pads for years.
Hardly ever used them! They were inferior to the PS2 Sega pads and the original Saturn versions.
It came down to the D-pads never feeling right… They were never as good as the original pads were.

Right now, I don’t know that Sega controls much of anything over the old controller designs for the Sega Saturn and Sega Dreamcast consoles. There certainly have been enough bootleg versions of the old Saturn D-pad and the Virtua Sticks popping up on occasion so it may Sega’s old copyrights on these designs have lapsed OR the company just doesn’t have the financial resources to go after every bootlegger.
There’s so much bootlegging in Asia in general—!

Anyhoo, it seems like the last controller Sega ever officially released were the PS3 editions of the Virtual Stick High Grade Joystick years and years back and closer to the PS3 debut – and never an official release of that joystick outside of Japan as far as I know.
All that high praise for their controller hardware and all the company pretty much does now are compilations of old 16-bit games and Sonic revamps that don’t seem to get anybody excited…
A pity…

Please tell me what to search for if I want a bootleg Virtua Stick.

I’d love a cheap HSS-0136…

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