Dear Marvel Fans on the Vita

Fuck you.

Let me be clear: I’ve had fun with a few of you, but god *DAMN *am I tired of people turning their machine off the moment I get a KO. I’m not even that good, I’ve got a Frank West team (online!) so you know I’ve got a single gimmick.

What drives me nuts is when I see someone who’s ranked 6th Lord or something, comes in against me (8th Lord), and proceeds to look like some week 1 kid. I don’t even mean not being able to tiger knee, I mean they have problems doing :m::m::h::s: in the air :frowning: They just fart around an entire match waiting for… I dunno - my thumbs to stop working? And then the moment I get the KO it freezes up. The entire process of a match dropping to getting back into a lobby is like 2 minutes, the longest 2 minutes of my life.

God damn people on the Vita are salty. It’s gotten to the point where if you’re ranked higher than 9th Lord and you have less than 50 fights, I would put money down saying you’re just going to quit. If you want more evidence of how terrible it’s gotten, go look at the Leaderboards, and check out the replays for the top 10. The top two or three I looked at were very obviously some kind of farming attempt - or they were letting their son/daughter play instead.

I just wanna take my 8th Lord scrub-ass online and have some fun player matches, nobody does player matches on the Vita anymore, and there is only a few people doing ranked, most of them trying to boost with BS tactics as outlined above.

In closing I’d like to state: I know I’m the big dummy for buying a Vita, and I do still have Marvel on ps3 so it’s not as if I’m going dry but… god damn these Vita users are salty.

If you or somebody you know is also pretty free at marvel please add me and perhaps we can play. I’m into playing long sets (20+ matches) with one or two teams as I try to hammer out some kinks. I’m also flexible enough to play Random All if you’re not as good, and need some practice as well. psn: drgamez

I’m so salty I don’t even remember writing this, just a sodium-induced haze of hate.

I’m sure this could probably be lumped into one of the many other “fuck online” threads this board has.