Dear NW players

Hello everyone -

For some time, I’ve put off things that needed improvement in my life and decided that it’s
time for me to make some changes. By the end of next month, I’ll be moving to Hawaii in order to
further myself in more professional levels.

Things that I want to do:

1: Travel more across the globe. This includes more tournaments other than EVO. Visit Japan, China, Europe as well.
2: Own my own home, car, get married, have a family. American dream stuff.
3: Start my own business related to gaming (of course).

In order to do the above I must:

1: Go back to school.
2: Get better job(s).
3: Meet Ms. Right

Street Fighter will always be a part of me, and can never be taken away. But it must be put aside so I can pursue my dreams.
I’ve been holding out on my potential for far too long.

With all of that said. I have alot of stuff to sell that I can’t bring with me, which includes:

1: PS2 systems (1 slim, 1 fat, 1 japanese)
2: PS2/Dreamcast/XBox360 games.
3: 2 HDTVs (Samsung 40 inch 1080p) (19 inch Dynex 720p) On Hold
4: 2-3 SDTVs (27 inch Sansui) (13 inch Daewoo). on Hold
5: Assorted DVDs.
6: Portable DVD player (10 inch Insignia)
7: PS3 (160gb) w/HRAP3, SF4, brand new Tekken 6 ($300) SOLD - Thanks, Simon!
8: 2 TE sticks for 360 (1 new, 1 used) $80-$100 Used TE on Hold

I can’t price everything right now, but if you’d like to make an offer, please do so. Local pick up only (unless I make a random Seattle trip).

I’m expecting to leave Oregon by February 26th.

EDIT: This isn’t a retirement thread. I won’t ever retire =)

Wish you good luck Ray in your goals. Sad to see you move, known you forever. We should have a going away party sometime next month. I might be interested in a several things you are looking to unload, we’ll talk about it later.

I also wish you luck in your travels! It’s an admirable decision. You’re a cool dude, Ray. I’m glad you’re taking initiative with what you want to do with your life. Good shit.

I would love to buy some of that, especially a TV… but I’m kinda out of money for a bit. :lol:

Good luck Ray! You’ve taught me a lot about fighting games, and have always been the most accessible top player in Portland, so I have a great deal of respect for ya, and I hope you well in your travels. I will probably be interested in an item or two for sale by February, after some money from this new job starts rolling in.

Congratulations on the bold move. I hope Hawaii rocks. Try to get a spot on a Lost. :smiley:

I would totally make offers on the TVs, PS3, and TEs, but I’m sure the fact that I live in Seattle would nuke any savings.

Best of luck in all things to come. It was always a pleasure to converse with you.


Potential is overrated. Way to get Kinetic.

Fuck :shake:

I’m happy that you’re motivated to really take charge of your life.

I’ll be sad to see you go even though I haven’t known you for that long.

If you put half as much of the work you’ve put into fighting games into this, I’m sure you’ll knock it out with ease.

Good luck to you Ray, it was a pleasure to have met you =).

its like i only just met ya, i dunno wither to say goodbye here or the last time i see you. but either way i look forward to any games we can get in before you take off, and hope everything goes as planed in your future. it was great to be able to make your acquaintance.

you probably dont remember me Ray, but i used to play againest you long time ago at Silvercoins when they use to have the 3rd Strike tournements with the Twins and when they use to live here… and yes it was a very long time ago LOL but i want to say Good Luck! where ever you go… to stop a hobbie and focus on ur life is a big step… currently i’m in those steps right now… and only b/c of SF games and SF4 it’s been on a hold… but now i’m getting back into what is important… and yes a focus on life isn’t a retirement… good luck again…

I remember the very first time I met Ray, was at the legendary Gameworks MvC2 tournament, and I ended up playing a game of Tekken Tag with this dude and he scraped me…

I remember watching one of his matches @ EVO 2k3 where it was Balrog vs. O. Sagat, I want to say Ray was playing Balrog and pulled out the win in an intense match.

I remember playing Ray in VF5 online, and then in the winner’s final at the first NWM’s.

Ray you are and will always be the first true legend of the Northwest scene. You were one of the first players that I really looked up to and admired.

I wish you the best of luck with what lies ahead, hopefully when the time is right you can return to the fighting game scene.

I believe SFIV is to blame for this.

Jokes aside, the few times we did interact I felt like I was in the presence of an elder that is to be respected. You may not say much, but your skills speak volumes. I commend you on your risky move. At least now you will never wonder about what could have been. Good luck.

NW Legend. You will be missed Ray, gl in Hawaii.

I remember when you had a talk with me over IRC many many years ago about how important it is for me to not push things back that are worth doing simply because of SF. Actually, I’ve heard about you wanting to move to Hawaii for quite sometime now, didn’t think you were gonna move there this year. Anyway though, I wish you the best of luck, I appreciate the talks we had back in the early going, they helped! Maybe I’ll have to come to Hawaii and say what’s up hahah.

Ray, you still need to beat me fair & square in an ST tournament. Do not ever forget that. You will always be PNW to us.

Thanks for inadvertantly showing me the magic of CvS1 EX Dhalsim, RBX. In return, I showed you that the FP headbutt can hit BOTH times before hitting the super. :rofl:

Good luck in all your future endeavors!

Damn dude. Defintiely some crazy stuff but bravo on the further steps.

You will be missed and ya got my number so you can always hit me up.

Damn man you were the very first person I ever played in the community. I was just a scrubby online ken player at the time (I thought I was GODLIKE) and I finally decided to go to ground kontrol on freeplay night to show off my skills. When I got scrapped by you and everyone else, I realised how scrubby I really was and decided to train and one day return for revenge lol. When I felt I was ready I showed up at Versus a few months later and I was surprised you remembered me. I got my revenge on many players but never could beat you consistently. I have learned the most from you and I appreciate everything you have done for me. I would wish you good luck but I know you dont need it. Let me know when there is a big tourny over there so me and some peeps can fly out and OWN you for free lol. Hawaii regionals grand finals. Dagger G vs Raybladex guile mirror match!!!

hawaii, very nice

we’ll miss you man, you were always a player to look out for in any game you played, i’m sure you’ll dominate the shit out of real life too

good luck with everything!

I’ve only been in Portland for a few years, but Ray it’s always been clear to me that you are a PILLAR of the scene here. Things just won’t be the same without you. I’ve always gotten immense enjoyment out of playing anything with you, not just SF but silly things like our WWF Wrestlefest matches at Art’s, or NBA Jam at GK. We’ve GOT to have some A3 Blanka vs. Blanka matches before you head out.

Best of luck in whatever you decide to do, man.

flips a token into the air