Dear Orange County & AndyOCR,

My name is Montry and on behalf of my good friend Long aka LPN who is currently in Hong Kong, he would like to respectfully challenge AndyOCR in a FT5 Foney Match @ EVO this year. Please let me know through PM or here if interested and we could work out the smaller details in Vegas. See ya’ll there!

Side bets anyone?

who the fuck are either of those people?

I bet on Duy. He’s so good that he wins when he’s not even playing.

Can I bet on Richard losing instead?

i accept

I call it now. 50$ on andy, who want’s to go against me?

I got 20 on Andy

my money’s on Andy just because.

In honor of Andy I’ll serve up Pycho Crushers to OC when we win.

Andyocr is free, I beat him in an endless match this one time. Oh, wait this isn’t the right thread. :rofl:

LOL this is hilarious. AndyOCR FTW.

I got $50 on Andy.

Ume-bet, you’re so good.

I got $20 on Andy as well even though I think the opposing team is gonna own Andy, cause Andy is W.Bison aka Worst Bison.

hmmm, if ur being sarcastic… then yeah… who the hell are they??? lol.

if ur not… LPN is NorCals Best Bison player. I dont know who Evol Saiko is tho o_O

$20 on OCR. Ever since NCR, Andy elevated his game. This will be a good match regardless.

I agree, Andy is the worse bison in the world. I’ll put 20 on him regardless lol.

Don’t you dare fail me now Andy.

…so, what’s the point of sidebets, exactly?

Iono lainy, let’s see… Oh yeah, to win money. oh man I almost forgot the points.

Hugs and Kisses.

It’s just like betting on “Which animal is the bigger of the two, an elephant or a tick?”

LoL. ohhhh, dude I totally missed the point lol. Sorry Lainy. SEE YOU AT EVO!!!