Dear pad/new players


If you wanna get better I have one piece of advice.

stop jumping back and hitting hk.

It’s a stupid habit and it needs to be broken immediately, and it seems like every new player that gets into the game has this habit.


You seem to be good, and seeing how you mentioned pad I would assume your from psn. Just put your psn ID and I’d like to practice and get more good advice from you.

Also this game kinda revolves around safe moves, priority, laming, chip damage, command grabs more then it does mind games at being hand to hand. When there’s distance at least you accept the fact that a trap is just throwing crap across the screen where the other person can simply block it and is only a trap if that person plays it risky just to get closer.


I’m not good, I’m average, just passing some tips on to newer players.

I rarely play on psn anymore, but if you have xbox you can add me.

This issue I see with people that jump back it’s a habit of pad players who are new to the series. It’s an observation im basing off several friends who I got into street fighter.

I really fucking hate it, because

  1. it’s lame
  2. and noone wants to play against that style. I mean noone, I’m a pretty competative person, so I can honestly say I do get salty when I see people play like that, and have snapped at people at my local tournament by accident I guess you can say.


Meh, it’s not so much as the play style that bugs me but the fact there isn’t much you can do about it in SSF4. In MK9 I simply kicked ass but got tired of the game due to how many unblockable moves there are, which is kinda the same with SSF4AE but in the form of grabs and safe high priority moves. Kung Lou was pretty bull shit also with being really safe but was able to beat him often after getting good with him.


If people are constantly throwing out jump back HK, it’s pretty simple to punish.


  1. Give them a projectile to land on

or if you don’t have a projectile/don’t want to throw one

  1. Walk in and anti air them. If they throw an air to ground HK, wait for when they’re about to land, sweep them and take control through wake up games.

If they’re more selective with their jump back HK, then try to bait them and either try number 1 or 2. If telling them how to improve doesn’t help them, being punished for repetitive and predictable tactics will. That or they’ll ragequit and call you cheap. Either is fine.

I’m not saying this is all you can do, and you want to be sure to mix it up, but these are some basic examples.
So yeah, there’s plenty you can do about it.


Cannon Drill is hands down the most useful for that situation. But if you don’t have a good slide or forward move you pretty much have to follow them or just let the game freeze. By freeze I mean being at the distance where nothing is really happening unless your truly deluded.


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