Dear Reset,

I’ve heard through the grapevine that you have challenged me to a first to ten for $1000+. I would like to inform you, since I cannot contact you in anyway, that I decline. I have a few reasons as to why, that I could elaborate on more if you contact me via aim/person. I was waiting for an interview of some sort where you would confirm this challenge, but I have heard that this is indeed true. I would like to ask why me? Where does this stem from? Like I said, we can handle this via aim/person unless you want this to be a public affair.


hmm you can contact me on aim if you wanna state your reasons, but i see no reason why i cant state it publicly lol, its not major

justin approached me and asked me if i was down to play you for 1000, so i automatically assumed you agreed beforehand. i really had no enthusiasm to play, but i was willing to try and make justin/carlos some money haha if you heard it from mike ross i casually mentioned it on aim, but i thought he and everybody else knew from justin or something

again i thought you were down and i didnt propose, my bad if there was any confusion

if theres anything else just hit me up anytime <3

I challenge both of you, first to 10 shots for $1000

HAHAHA. I’ll take you on that bet jay.

10 shots is alot to take at once, ill do first to 5 though no sweat

wtf you drink? arent you like 12?

You never come to my parties >:|

lol… you really dont want to run this with me…

lets do it for fun FIRST, and after that, lets run it again… Loser takes ten more shots.

i dont even care about the money.

P.S. Then 2 cops will read this letter and shoot each other.

"now isnt that the most ridiculous thi gunshot MMMM whatchaaa say…

don’t mind if i butt in here, but i’m down to play reset for some $$$$

lets do dis shitt nigga!

okay, then its settled.

feint: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I think I’ve seen you post in srkgd, so it must be one of their unfunny jokes. =(

Anyways, hopefully no one gets offended, but seriously, right now I’m at the top of my game, and I’m not going to let player’s that aren’t even in my stratosphere get a chance to try and steal my shine. I have nothing to gain, and everything to lose. Beat me at a tournament. I don’t want to get challenges from anyone in so cal that isn’t in team 3. I want the big 4 (ny). Plain and Simple. Sorry guys.

lol 5…

thats fine, just get at me at at evo <3

don’t worry dawg! I can feel ya on this, but please just pass dose fockin scrubs my way! I’ll take their money :looney:

i can’t wait, u gonna be a evo west? maybe we can do this early and one of us niggas can run this sheeet back at worlds… … wad up?

you just like planning them so i cant come =[

Saw this shit on Mad TV last week… wtf? lol