Dear Skullgirls


Dear Skullgirls,

I know you’re wondering why I’m not playing you right now. You have your suspicions and I’m going to clear the air.

I’m cheating on you. With Pokemon Conquest.

It’s just a passing fling, I promise. I know you’re looking for a more sophisticated gamer and Pokemon is for children, but I like the strategy. I’m not saying you don’t require strategy.

Please don’t be upset. I still love you.

…but I’m THIS close to beating Nobunaga. I need a couple of days.

Love you,


How is the game? im not familiar with that gameplay stuff but it looks pretty interesting.


P.S. lose some weight you fat slut


The gameplay is closer to something like Disgaea or Tactics games. You have up to 6 units, each has only one Pokemon with one move, and two abilities: one specific to the warlord and one specific to the Pokemon.

Of course the attack determines the range and type, and there is where the Pokemon part comes in (whereas in other Tactics games strengths and weaknesses are based on weapons, here it’s on the attack type vs. the opponent’s Pokemon type). The terrain comes into play as well; some Pokemon evade attacks more often in their favorite terrain, etc.

Each warlord can carry a certain number of Pokemon, but there is ONE Pokemon out there (out of only about 200, thankfully) for every different warlord where they can reach the highest strength with. It’s based on something called a Link, and experience is given in link %, but you can only get 100% link with a certain Pokemon for each warlord. So to go into battle in the fire castle of Ignis, you’ll need to find people carrying water Pokemon, or find warlord that like Water Pokemon more and get them to befriend (link with) a water Pokemon and battle with it to strengthen it.

The higher the link, the stronger the Pokemon and the better that one Pokemon’s move becomes.

It’s certainly the best Pokemon spinoff I’ve ever played.


Game sounds pretty interesting afterall. the linking bit sounds pretty unique.
i do love pokemon, and i had tons of fun in tactics. best of both worlds it sounds like.
ill probably sleep on this and buy it in the morning. thanks.


Cool story


It’s okay, I’m cheating on Skullgirls with WOW.

I forgot how fun that game could be if you had a legit guild.


Why are you talking about a video game in that tone?

It’s straight out of Kotaku’s comment section.


Yeah I still need to get Conquest.

Fire Emblem is still my favorite game, since I have confirmation that Conquest doesn’t totally suck there’s no good reason I wouldn’t like that game too.


I been spending less time with Skullgirls and been seeing Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown more. It never makes me wait.


I’ve been playing some other stuff recently as well, Soul Nomad, Masoukishin, etc.

Going to start Disgaea 4 soon.


Been the same for me, been playing PSO2 and Anarchy Reigns’ demo, having a blast.
Still waiting for the SG patch tho.


I call bullshit on this.

Like hell.

And the highest sophistication level you can have is one you attain while playing Pokemon.


I’m cheating on it with everything until this fucking patch comes out :s


Pokemon also brings out the worst in people. It is a powerful game.

Anyway, I’ve been playing skullgirls less because I have a game backlog I need to work through this summer. I’ll play more when the patch comes out and it doesn’t suck tp find games on PSN.


I, too, have momentarily abandoned Skullgirls for the beauty that is Phantasy Star Online 2. Screw this 27 hour maintenance, though. :confused:
I need that Skullgirls Turbo patch now.


If this patch comes out after anything I was hyped for, that game’s (Skullgirls) going down.


Pokemon is ass.


Of course it is.


fixed it for you.