Dear Squeenix.....YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!


I think this is the first thread I’ve started but I have good reason. Square-Enix seems to be in an almost constant state of completely fucking up of late.
Prime examples of this are the fact they have announced they will be outsourcing the development of future Final Fantasy games because they have become too hard to do in house…What the fuck? Granted this may be a blessing in disguise if FFXIV is anything to judge by.

Then we get into the most demanded to be remade game of all time Final Fantasy VII and the fact that they are once again going to re-release it but with no visual upgrades, no additional story content or new weapons/materia and an item that will make an already easy game easier by boosting your HP/MP/Gil.

Then there’s the most recent WTFSE? moment with the impending release of an HD FFX. Granted, the game was fun and had an interesting story there are other FF games more deserving. Who wouldn’t prefer an HD FFIX instead?

Am I just wrong and taking what I see as a fuck you to the fans too personally? Or am I right in that none of us want to play Final Fantasy XV: Special Chinese Democracy Edition?


It’s funny, I could swear we had a FF thread.