Dear Tech Talk: Please help me find a laptop

I’m pretty sure I’ve asked a similar question here before and I did take the advice but times change and now, I need a laptop.

I’ve got a 400-500 dollar budget and I need something that can run well with a nice sized screen lots of storage and the capacity to run emulators and screen capture with no slowdown or any other BS.

I’m traveling for half a year and by just adding a little money for what I’d use on a phone I realized it’d probably be a better investment to get a laptop.

I know someone knows something, this place is full of smart dudes!:tup:

EDIT: Just been told I have until the 15th to get this done.

i wold recommend an i5 processor, but im pretty sure theres someone else here that can help you out better, not to mention im looking around and it doesnt seem to fit in your budget.

Since your traveling a lot though, you might need a better battery for longer performance.
If your only looking at emulators, just trying to run ggpo, then graphics shouldnt be much of a problem
I doubt you’ll need anything larger than 15"
And screen capture?

Maybe all you really need is a netbook, they’re about $300. They should be able to handle GGPO easily. HD space may not be the best though.

Have you tried They should have a fabulous deal or two.