dear triforce

shut the fuck up

justify why you should have anything to do with the fighting game community.

you are not allowed to cite the following
tetris, “pushing the community forward”, pro-gaming.

you may not call up justin on his cell phone right now to post in this thread to defend you. not a single argument from an empire member other than yourself is acceptable.

tell me and the entire fighting game community:

why should you have anything to do with games you don’t play?

also i should set this straight: i don’t hate empire at all, every person i’ve met from emp is cool as hell, this is just a simple question directed at a single person that i want answered truthfully and without blatant dodging.

nominated for article

I like the thread tags.

In for epic thread.

it is what it is. if anyone is to be blamed it should be those who are under the control

I see myself in Henaki.


Who is Triforce?

This guy.

The man with the power glove.

Does he ever wash his hand?

or the glove. that shit must get really sweaty on the inside. shit must stink.

According to this…

Wifey washes the glove for him.

not clicking anything that has to do with mtv AND empire/triforce.

You have to do a lot better than this to get my attention. This is nothing. Carry on.

Seeing TriForce in action is a joke!

a lot more? so you can’t actually come up with a response, got it. “im too good for this shit” yet you get put on blast 24/7 for this and you dodge with fuckin psychobabble in your threads and when i finally put you in a box where you cant use your patented “get out of bullshit free in your own head” card you just say “you have to do better?”

sorry, the person who has to do better is you.

Heh…I tell you what, I’ll explain this one time.

Wait perhaps that not enough…


Nah…not enough? Ok perhaps this…

Naw…I still don’t think you understand…I got one more for you.

Nah…I lied…I got more. :smiley:

Literately…I just keep coming up with these god like ideas…I mean…heck this is crazy, I know guys in this community who have been around over a decade and none of them are at Justin’s level to be the poster boy to push the US Fighting Scene forward…Its up to a black guy wearing a power glove to do so…lol.

so groundbreaking and amazing triforce

also what does it prove

actually, that’s not an explanation.

that’s an example of… you making money because of someone else’s talent?

does that make you a fighting game pimp? last i checked pimps don’t help hookers.