Death by Degree - The Nina combo thread

Games out, i got off my lazy ass so lets get this started. Thanks everyone for posting combos and being patient.

Combo starters
:d::df:lk,(into up to 3 light kicks chaining at any time into a medium kick)
Counter hit :lp:+:mk:




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Reserved just in case

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What I’ve got so far:

Starters: jHK cHP, QCF+PP cHP, or dfLK LK LK MK
xx QCB+HK, cHP xx QCB+MK, LP+MK or cHK (404, 434, 337 dmg) (you can do two QCB+HKs for 6 more damage, but timing is tricky)
one meter:
xx QCB+HK, cHP xx QCB+MK, RDP+PP, LP+MK or cHK (455, 485, 364 dmg)
two meters:
xx QCB+HK, cHP xx QCB+MK, QCF+PPP (548, 578, 442 dmg)
three meters:
xx QCB+HK, cHP xx QCB+MK, QCF+MP+MK (430, N/A, 352 damage + partner’s damage) (tag)
xx QCB+HK, cHP xx QCB+MK, RDP+PP, QCF+PPP (580, N/A, 444 dmg)

Starter: QCF+PP QCF+PP, corner only (flashy combo, more efficient to not do the second QCF+PP and just do a combo from above)
cHP xx QCB+MK, LP+MK (435 dmg)
three meters:
cHP xx QCB+MK, RDP+PP, LP+MK (498 dmg)
cHP xx QCB+MK, LP+MK~MP+MK (damage depends on partner)

Starters: st. MK LK MP or dfLK MP cLK MP (this string is not a natural combo) (combos off a launch)
-> cHP xx QCB+HK, LP+MK (296, 267 dmg)
one meter:
-> RDP+PP, cHP xx QCB+HK, LP+MK (355, 352 dmg)
two meters:
-> RDP+PP, cHP xx QCB+HK, QCF+PPP (440, 506 dmg)
three meters:
-> cHP xx QCB+HK, QCF+MP+MK (316, 282 dmg + partner’s damage

Starter: CH LP+MK or anti-air LP+MK: (combos off a ground bounce)
-> LP+MK (193 or 180 dmg)
one meter:
-> LP+MK, tag (damage depends on partner but usually worth it because damage scaling is still only 80% when they come in)

Starter: LP, MP, LK xx:
-> RDP+LP, cHP xx QCB+LK (289 dmg)
one meter:
-> RDP+PP, walk forward, cMK xx QCB+HK, LP+MK (342 dmg)
two meters:
-> QCB+HK, QCF+PPP (410 dmg)

Don’t know damage values. But I was messing with a few combos

s.MP, df.LK, LK, MK, MK xx RD
Tag in* c.HP xx QCB+MK, walk up slightly, LP+MK, RDP+MP or sweep for hard knockdown

df lk,mp, light geyser cannon, cr.hp, medium geyser cannon, ex skull spliiter, cr.hp, blonde bomb
after a tag only do one geyser cannon. Also to use no meter end in sweep instead of ex skull splitter.

There’s stuff where you can do a hp.skull splitter instead of geyser cannon and link a before they land (if they’re airborne).

lk anti air on counter hit leads to cr.hp, geyser cannon and either ex or tag out from there.

lp,mp,lk gets geyser cannon combo listed first but has same combo requirements as after a tag I think.

This is the most damaging zero meter combo I’ve found. Extremely easy too:

Jump hk, cr. hp xx hard geyser kick, cr. hp xx hard geyser kick, cr. hk.

Does 410 dmg and provides hard knockdown. That’s more damage than I can get with many characters using one ex bar.

Pardon my ignorance, but RDP =?

Edit, nvm -.-;; lol Reverse DP

you can do a cr. hp xx lp blonde bomb at the end for more damage

My meterless BNB so far,,, xx hard geyser kick, cr.hp xx hard geyser kick, cr.hp xx lp or mp blonde bomb (418 dmg)

I’m going to have to try that. I don’t own the game, so I’m pretty limited. So far I’ve only got LP MP Medium geyser kick, LP MP Medium geyser kick, HP.

What have been people been using after the tag? For me it’s (able first) LP MP HP Launcher->(Nina)LP MP Medium geyser kick. And sometimes I can hit a LP Blonde Bomb (or whatever it’s called, QCF P)

Best Combo off the ground I’ve found so far with no meter.

Flash kicks chain xx H. Geyser > H. Skull spilter > cr MP xx H. Geyser (possible to get cr. HP xx H. Geyser here instead, but its less reliable and its only about 10 more damage). > M. Blonde Bomb

Combo does about 360 with no jump in and no meter, add a jump in heavy and you can easily break 400 with no meter.

How’s the link on the Skull splitter to cr MP? I saw that on a video, and tried a few times, but couldn’t seem to get it. EX seems a little easier to land though

After launcher to Nina: MP > cr. HP xx M. Geyser cannon > M. blonde bomb.

geyser cannon leave the opponent airborne so when you hit them with skull splitter it causes a ground bounce. Its really easy to pick them up with cr. MP after the skull splitter


They aren’t optimal combos and a couple only with near the corner its a starting point though. I’ll have a vid next week showing what I came up with

I don’t know if you guys have posted this one already but I thought I’d share my go to.>>EX Skull Splitter->c.hp->Geyser Cannon->Ivory Cutter. Does One meter, 412 damage without gems. I’m fairly sure it works anywhere on the screen. Solid I’d say. I’d like to get more flash kick combos, people don’t seem to know how to block them.

whatever xx HK geyser, cr.HP xx HK geyser, (wait) c.HP xx LP Blonde Bomb [in the corner, walk back before c.HP xx Blonde Bomb]
whatever xx HK geyser, cr.HP xx HK geyser, (walk forward) LP+MK
(post-tag) s.MP cr.HP xx MK geyser (walk forward) LP+MK

those are the most damaging options i’m finding, can tag in your partner during LP+MK

I was using those combos mid match. You have to cut some of the geyser combo’s short with a