Death. by. normals!

like my good friend Lord hollow has drilled in to me and LiquiGen can attest too…


no one can touch you if you’re using Hakan’s Normals!! Just like Dhalsim, Hakan has some of the best normals in the game! STOP SIGN! (A.K.A F+ Fierce Punch). Three of those in a row and most of the cast is on or near dizzy. Just add a heavy footies game to Hakan and, you’ll see your wins rack up.

nods approvingly

I keep a close eye on the Hakan community because of LiquiGen. So, let me tell you, as his offline training dummy who has to deal with all of Hakan’s BS that LiquiGen seems to come up with in the laboratory…Hakan is scary when oiled, and solid when unoiled. DID YOU KNOW FEI LONG CAN’T REVERSAL ON HAKAN? I found out the hard way last week end. Keep growing Hakan players!

What do you mean Fei can’t reversal on Hakan. I haven’t been using Hakan much lately but I do hate Fei

When properly spaced/timed, you can do a meaty lp slide on Fei’s wakeup and all DP’s/chickenwings will completely whiff.

So, Fei basically is forced to block the slide then deal with whatever mixup.

Easy setup: slide + press, back dash, lp slide

Videos are going up soon.