Death Cargo - A Horror Story

Hello to all of you. I am posting here to set down honestly and accurately a very bad experience I had with a game publisher from Europe. I only ask that you draw your own conclusions and urge you to consider your options carefully when (if) you decide to deal with this company.
I wanted to try something different and support a new game developer, so I pre-ordered a fighting game called ‘Death Cargo’ from a company called ‘Necrostorm’ who before then, had only made low budget splatter movies.

To cut a very long story short, the timeline goes something like this.
Mid December 2013…preordered the game.
January 2014…awaited the promised game demo so I could sample the game I had bought…it never appeared…technical excuses given.
February/March 2014…awaited arrival of my game by mail. For some reason they did not do digital download at all. Ive since come to realise it was because they didn’t yet have the technical know-how or capacity to do that. Game never arrived. Necrostrom began to say “Hey it’s not us…it’s customs’…it’s your country’s fault.”

Other’s began to surface one the website forums with the same issue from many countries. Constantly I would read Necrostorm’s replies saying 'Hey it’s only 20 people out or 3000 that didn’t get it"…but that just didn’t seem to ring true for me.
So…next a few weeks later Necrostorm say “we are supporting you…we will download the dvd to our servers and you can download.” So the date for that download arrives (I think it was march 14 but im not totally sure on that)…anyway…the download never appears…technical excuses given.
So next they say…“We want to support you…we will give you special exclusive content to download…we will send another copy”…I can tell you right now that the second copy never arrived.

By this time the ‘brawl chat’ section of their forum is full of angry and upset people. Most of their comments are deleted and edited out. One very unhappy kid was actually threatened with a ‘defamation’ suit…the poor kid was clearly very shocked and frightened by this…shortly after that the chat was closed to all.

So…next they say…“don’t worry…we are stepping up production of the digital download version just for you 20 people…we want to support you…we are spending 4000 euros to make that happen”…as of today the digital download does not exist. Also a company spending 4000 euros on 20 people clearly doesn’t make much sense when all youd have to do for those 20 people is Fed-Ex and parcel track the game and they would receive it within 48 hours…nothing about their actions seemed to make any sense.

So I look online for any screenshots or gamplay video from the finished game (not the beta demo)…there’s virtually nothing…to answer this Necrostorm say…"sure the game is released and many people have it…but you aren’t allowed to post video footage…it’s Italian law (yes the company is from Italy).

By this time im thinking…I am the most stupid ass-hole on planet earth for putting up with this.
By this time I have sent many e-mails…Always their reply is…“but look at how we are supporting you…we made extra content…we stepped up production of digital download, we did this, we did that”…and by this time I can’t figure out what’s real and what’s an empty promise.

They didn’t seem to understand that all of those things they were saying meant absolutely nothing to someone who never even received the game.
So finally (maybe 2 days ago) I sent an email suggesting that an investigation into their business practices wouldn’t be a bad idea.
Well…funnily enough, after saying that…they demonstrated that while they were terrible and game manufacture and distribution…they were apparently very skilful at covering their own ass…To their credit I received a refund within minutes (26 euros)…but…they also informed me that I had been blacklisted for my comment.
So…naturally I was curious to see what they had done…so…heres what also happened within minutes…website membership revoked, facebook page blocked, lifetime ban on their products enforced…etc etc…and I’m thinking “jesus…they clearly must have had a lot of practice at this”

I posted all this because I wanted to share my experience without it being blocked or censored by them. I wanted a neutral forum to tell people about this.
There will probably be a lot of people who will say…hey that’s not my experience…and that’s fine…all I’m saying is that this was mine…and it was fucking horrible.

I honestly still don’t know if the game exists…apparently people in Germany got it but I still can’t confirm that.

Like I said to them in my final e-mail to them “I wasn’t some troll…I was a fan.”

I’m not going to make any additional comments or try to get in an insult…that’s not my way…and if some day a package from them does arrive I will do the right thing and sent it back unopened…because I have been refunded, Im not a freeloader or an opportunist…I chose to live my life honestly. Also I don’t want to play a game made by a company that seems to despise me.

So…there it is…you have the facts…and you can make you’re own decision.

Necrostorm still in development:


From our thread out there on the game, top comment. We figured the company didn’t know what they were doing or at least, were in way over their heads, some guy even coming by to yell at everybody for saying anything negative towards the game - he himself strung along on their credo that the game is coming soon, you just wait and see…

For anyone wanting to play the game, seems you would have saved a lot of trouble finding somewhere else with the thing at all, if you were still willing to try the game out, since going directly to the company looks like this.

A true learning experience for all.

There’s a Death Cargo thread in Fighting Game Discussion, you should post your comment in there.

Sucks that you got yanked around like this, but the whole situation had the stench of general fuckery to begin with.


That could not have been less subtle, bro.

Your fault for wasting money on a game that makes dog shit look good…

I’m interested to know if the game exists at all

I bet TYM is still busting a unified nut over this :rofl:

TYM has their very own Death Cargo thread here, they appear to have come to the same conclusion as the topic creator for this thread.

Oooh, why didn’t you say so right away? This explains everything.

Yeah that’s how it works here. Complete incompetence at doing stuff, incredible skills at covering asses.

I remember seeing a thread about this on /v/ a while back. This shit look like those fake fighting games on TV sitcoms.

Ahh Anti_4it…i remember you…we talked in the Necrostorm Forum before it was shut down. Mate…did you read what I wrote…At no point did I use the word ‘Fraud’ or actually pass any kind of judgement (interesting that you believe them to be liars…I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and simply say that they were in over their heads and made promises that they didn’t know how to deliver…I think the label ‘liar’ might be a bit strong…incompetent would be more accurate).
I just simply relayed what happened and left it up to the reader to decide.
I’m glad they refunded those other guys you mentioned…as I recall they were very upset. Also from memory you didn’t seem too happy either…so I’m a bit confused by your reaction now.
If they actually get the digital download out on the 5th then good for them…they promised me so many dates in the past so maybe you can excuse me for being sceptical…
Anyway…I posted this so I can put it to rest. I have no interest in hearing about that game…and to be honest…I regret ever dealing with that company.
Also im not sure why you posted a pic of the cover art…to be honest id rather you remove it…but unlike Necrostorm I would never delete or edit out someones post because I didn’t like it. (in the same way they did to us- actually your post just vanished…i think it got flagged as spam…sorry that wasn’t me - at least I don’t think it was???).

Believe it or not I was one of the guys posting about this game to other sites to support them and to get people interested to buy it…I was also one of the guys giving feedback and suggestions on the site (some of them were even implemented into the game…well, at least that’s what they said…but I don’t know what to believe anymore)…So you see…I wasn’t just some troll complaining about random shit…in my case, they fucked over one of their biggest supporters. (and to me, that’s the worst part).


Too good. Made a rather fucked up thread to something hilarious.

edit dammit that post got taken down. Got a screenshot of it atleast but don’t know if it’s appropriate to show again since it got taken down.

Well it did seem inappropriate all things considered. Not sure what part was fucked up…actually I take that back…the whole situation was fucked up.

I wish I could find my post from like 4 years ago that said these dudes were making fake games lol.

Too think anyone would be dumb enough to pay for this lol.

that marketing…

The other 6 characters are complete, we only need to implement the deathrips of the other characters.
We will release MANY other playable characters, so they are not more "main, and we don’t know the order of their releasing. We could also release new playable character, never revealed, before their release.
We will decide Soon


Found only a couple posts from 2 years ago around page 6-8~

These guys are a disgrace to Italians. At least the mob had their shit together.

everyone who think this game is not the real is, wrong. i baught my copy and got it yesterday and i am enjoying game to the full. the characters are dark & scary in their cool unique way and the system combo is imaginative. we Necrostorm are adding 10 new playable characters tomorrow so if you want the game now is the good time to buy.

I don’t understand You. I just want to say “We will see tommorow”. I bought the game, but still no parcel.
Necrostorm write in their site and facebook(!). Because I think that it’s more that news in style “We will released digital version next week”.
Just will see.

Yes, I’m the guy from their website.
First of all I would like to say - I’m not trying to defend them. They changed many times the release date. I just hope that the game will be tomorrow. If - no, I myself will assume that this is all some kind of nonsense.
But I do not understand - if the game is a forgery. Why would they do it? We have seen betas, as well as can refund the money for the game. I do not think that there is at least share of fraud.

If that is true, can You please show some screens or video for our topic? If game is real (and I still think that it’s real) - we want to see it. Please.