Death Cargo

so what are the odds, that this is actually a real game and not a troll attempt like the other realistic game (i forgot its name right now)


place your bets people

btw, for what i read, its said that it would play similar to sf3 and it would be released on pc

official site
NECROSTORM production: movies - games - cartoons

The graphics are looking sick! Can’t wait to see some gameplay showcasing the game’s system.

Wow…that looks pretty impressive.

And plasma looks exactly like K’

This looks really cool and the graphics look sick. But I would like to know more details.

  1. What engine was this created on ? Custom or Unreal ?
  2. Is this coming XBLA or PSN Store ?, If this is PC only release a lot of people are going to miss out on this game.
  3. How come I can’t find the Necrostorm Productions “Web-site” or do they even have one ?
  4. Who exactly made “Death Cargo” ? Was this a small team or just one guy ?
  5. What’s the Death Cargo control scheme ? Four button ? Six Button ?
  6. When and Where can we see more footage ?
  7. Death Cargo Release date ? / Release plans ?

I know that this is a “Indie” game but the public needs more information in order to get behind it. From what I’ve seen I’m definitely hype to learn all I can about this new fighter :slight_smile:

Emo Fighter 4?

I’m pretty sure it was Dark Presence.

Monkey nose o_O

I’m hype.

NECROSTORM production: movies - games - cartoons

Opening date: 20-may-2011

yeah, dark precence was the name, thanx bro

thanx for the link man

good to see Digital actor fighting games are coming back. I like that style. :cool:


I want to see gameplay clips, until then I don’t believe it

Nice tech demo anyway.

This looks pretty nice but Plasma’s arm look like it shrunk whenever he jabs.

I’m sold.

I’m getting a Groove On Fight / Fallen Angels vibe off the graphics. Like a grimdark / goth / punk / cyberpunk sorta vibe. Love it :rock:

Hmmm… i really don’t know what to say, let’s hope is real at least.

That’s cuz he’s hitting you with his STRONG hand.

Looks like it could be interesting. I’m curious about the fighting system.

I have been keeping track of this game for a bit now, I can tell ya some info on it from the guy posting the videos(he’s one of the graphical designers for the company):

-These videos are leaks the company is allowing so people can see some of the game before the official website is fully active.
-The game has very smooth animation(80fps), however this doesn’t show up in the vids due to youtube as well as the inability to really get quality software to record.
-The reason why these are recorded videos and not direct feeds from the game, is due to the fact many idiots kept harassing the video uploader, claiming the game “must be fake” “no game can look like that, it’s fake” and so on; so much so the guy had no choice really at the time but to record the game and show himself using a gamepad so you can see he’s actually controlling what is onscreen and none of it is fake cgi or any of that.
-The game will be extremely gorey, if you’ve seen this companies movie work or the fake MK fatalities the video poster has done, you get a good idea of just ow nasty the fatalities will be. He also claimed they’ll be interactive and much much more sickening than the ones found in MK9(guess Aussies won’t be getting this either sadly).
-Combat system supposedly will be similar to SF3, not much details on that yet.

Also this game most likely will have no choice but to be on PC sadly. The graphics are extremely realistic, much moreso than MK9, and considering the kind of extreme violence this game will have, this game would get an adults only rated, and consoles would surely ban this game from even getting ported to them. So get it on PC and please support them, maybe we’ll get to see more works like this someday.

Here’s an example of the kind of crazy gore that could be in this game, this is some of the guy’s actual work in 3d programs:


If this shit plays ANYTHING like KoF (just reminds me of it) I will be happy.