Death Cargo

mother of god.

80 fps… That’s a bit weird. Anything over 60 is pretty excessive, and if there’s something a fighting game doesn’t need it’s difficulty to stay at full fps.

I want this to be a Homestuck reference.

One of the only indie fighting games whose art style looks interesting to me.

That character select music is boss, too.

So far it’s looking good (graphics wise). Some more gameplay footage would be nice though. Gotta just wait and see. I’m hoping it’s real.

I hope we get more footage on the 20th. Hopefully some direct footage. So far this game is looking pretty sweet. One thing that I noticed and really liked from this tech demo was the fact that during some of Plasma’s animations his individual fingers move around. Sick…

Plasma’s suit reminds me of K’, but when it comes to looks he reminds me more of Cool from Daraku Tenshi.

Anytime, man.

Anyway, from the videos so far, looks pretty nice. From beta game footage of Plasma, I noticed he only used 3 attack buttons. Still too early to say, but this ontop of the whole "like 3S talk made my head hope that this something of a grimdark Akatsuki Blitzkampf, in which I will very pleased. I just hope my cardboard box of a computer can run it.

More Like Trigger + Cool (from Daraku Tenshi) for me.

What makes you think of Trigger?

Yeah what’s up with that game. Dudes [media=youtube]93DXZN55c98"]open up an [URL=“”]**arcade [/B[/media]and yet mention nothing about Dark Presence. Someone from IL here should go and harass those guys about it. :rofl:

How much is this game gonna cost? :confused:

This is an indie developer right? I’d imagine no more than $30? Could always be wrong though.

It’s supposed to play like SF3? I don’t see it, but haven’t seen much anyway. I get a strong SNK vibe though.

There hasn’t been any updates on the site for years…
[url=]Galloping Ghost Productions DARK PRESENCE](

But I guess if more news breaks, that will be for another thread.

Looking at it again. Reminds me a lot of Daraku Tenshi but with todays modern 3D graphics. I want to see Leach in movement as well.

Lol yo this game looks to damn good to be true…

Think ima pass out if i see a actual match go down in this game lmao its looking crazy good so far.

He looks more vile than “I’m emo bishonen. Deal with it.” (imho)

Why is everyone getting so hyped about the graphics?

It’s that special type of grimdark that is rare for fighters(Daraku Tenshi etc) but so awesome, if you’re into that sort of thing.
It’s like… 90’s grimdark or something.

Plus it’s looks pretty well made too, for a small unknown company.

Does this game use actors or are those 3d graphics? o.O’’

It’s a digitized game using modern technology.

How many of those come out every year?

Awesome! Great find hecatom!

Take a good look at how well Plasma’s hair and fingers look and move. They look extremely realistic. This in an age where even the best cg has trouble getting hair to flow right, is amazing.