Death Loops

The shoryuken guide says Arthur has death loops in XF 3 Golden Armor. I know about the lances, but how do you loop the bottles and especially the axes in XF3? Could someone post a video of it? It seems like the axes would be very helpful against opponents who like to air dash/dive kick their way in during xf 3 to escape and rush you down. Thanks.

You don’t need to make a new thread for every question you have. Use the main Arthur thread.

As far as I know theres no Axe or Bottle loops in Gold Armor ATM (I should try to find something later). Just stick to the Heavenly Slash infinite.

Really? I thought the bottle infinite worked with armor on. But even if it does, actual combos or the slash infinite will kill much faster and are the better choices.

Pretty sure no, since if the bottle hits, it does stagger, but immediately starts burning afterwards so it carries them. Its hard to loop bottles if theyre already being carried by the flames.

The entire cast have Infinite in XF3…