Death Penalty crossups

A friend and I were discussing about how a raw death penalty hits you even if you are blocking. After some testing he actually found out that Death Penalty crosses up midscreen. So here’s the video I made explaining what happens when you throw out a raw death penalty.


Thanks for posting, unthanks for revealing our cheap secrets.

IIRC Alukard did this on stream over the weekend. Attempted to catch a flight mode Mags with Death Penalty, Mags XFC’ed the flight, and still go crossed up. I love the new tracking on this move. :smiley:

Yeah the tracking is actually awesome. Even though our cheap secrets are revealed, its still hard to block on reaction :wink: The new Death Penalty rocks! :smiley:

This was actually part of my secret tech that I didn’t want out, but at least it’s not too bad. It only crosses up if they aren’t all the way on one side of the screen.

Example: The area between the left side of the screen and the middle

E = Enemy
m = middle
S = Skrull
< > = Corners


Since the enemy isn’t at the corner yet, Skrull will automatically jump to the corner, but still able to cross up.
----v------------- ^
----v -------------^
----v------------- ^

But since it can’t cross up at the corner like a normal meteor smash, this won’t work unless the enemy is near corner or midscreen.

Thanks for the tip. Now take the video down and delete this thread.

i used this two times at apex … once on stream vs rayray when i preemptively did it because i knew he was going to activate fly :slight_smile: