Death to the gridpaper training rooms

Call me an aesthetics whore but do we really need these ugly, bland grid training rooms? I really don’t buy that people find normal stages too distracting to train in. A plain wooden dojo or the like keeps in with the visual style and doesn’t have anything anyone could find distracting. At least get rid of the training stages from random select.

I liked the training stage in DOA4 endless Dojo

Grid training rooms help determine range for moves and setups. It’s fine the way they are.

Although being able to pick other stages for training like in MvC3 wouldn’t be bad.

Floor planks/tiles could serve the exact same purpose.

Training rooms need to break the field down to in the most abstract manner. Which is why you see gridlines and, in some games, even actual measurements.

The wall grids help me with the multiple heights of Cammy’s Cannon Strike.

The floor grids help me determine the spacing for certain setups.

I like the grid. :frowning:

I prefer to train on the game’s stages itself for that crap. Who chooses to fight on the grid stages?

By far the worst part is how bland every single SF4 Combo Video is through a combination of being locked to a training stage and a few other factors, it really is limiting that you are not allowed your choice of stage. Also I hate the music for that stage with a PASSION.

I do. Less chance of random slowdown for active stages, the colors are usually fine so no excuses from anyone hard of seeing, or being legit color blind.

my favorite was cvs2’s training stage.

TvC has the best training room.


Damn color edit mode.

I didn’t really know people cared so much about this stuff lol.

I just train and play wherever.

That would be great. Sure, the grids and marks are good for practicing spacing and testing your range, but not only will I not typically have that in a normal match, I just want to do it somewhere else when I just want to get a combo down.

I only hate the grind stages when ppl would select it for a match…especially MVC3 :\

i like grid training rooms myself

I like it when people go to the training rooms. It says that “I don’t care about the stage or other extraneous details since all I want to do is fight and beat the crap out of you.”

Yea, I know it’s just a game, but I prefer training rooms because the concept of beating the crap out of someone while they just stand there in a stage full of spectators seems unreal to me (in before someone brings up fireballs and other unreal stuff). Then again, I also hate the concept of beating on a character while they stand there not defending themselves.

They should make the training dummy appear in wireframe to match the grid-like training stage.

This just comes across as someone wanting to appear more ‘hardcore’ to me. I couldn’t possibly play with any distractions, I’m such a pro you know.

I like the SF4 training stage because it’s the stage that causes the least amount of lags online.
(Yeah stages in SF4 can also cause lags.)

That’s why a lot of people choose it.