"DEATH VEGAS" (formerly "FIGHT!" - final build for Christmas :)

Hey all,

I’ve got a hopefully final build of “DEATH VEGAS” (formerly “FIGHT!”) which I am developing for adultswim.com


The default setting is probably too casual for this crowd, so be sure to bump up the difficulty.

Comments from shoruken have helped a ton on this project, thanks everyone who commented on previous builds! I’ll be sure to post more betas here in the future.

I’d appreciate any testing time folks can squeeze over the holidays to make sure the game is ready for release early in 2009.

Merry Christmas!

this is cool…:slight_smile:

Cool indeed. Thanks for sharing.

Had the game freeze after losing to the guy in the blue tie though. Dunno why or how, it just did. :open_mouth: Had all my attacks stop working after blocking a hyper from Buck too.

Browser is firefox,

Firefox tends to be unkind to flash apps. Doo you get the same issues in IE?

Great Job as usual man.

I can’t wait for the next project you put out.

I clicked that link expecting to be disappointed and fortunately I was wrong.
Great work, it is a lot of fun and way beyond any web based fighter I have seen.

Oh wow, awesome man. Can’t wait to play it.

Dope Son

God Tier

Counter special

Low Tier

Knockback special
Catch special

Needs Work Tier

Charge special

still freezes on hyper combos for me

(using opera if that helps)

The game is brilliant, dude! :smile:

New build up.

changed a few things that may have been causing bugs from hyper combos.

I want to say that youve done an amazing job making a game. I am impressed.

Thanks for all the comments. Anyone crashing or loosing control since I posted the new build last night?

Posted one more build tonight with a few more fixes to the hyper ending / extra hyper moves.

Anyone still crashing?

This is fucking fun as hell, usually flash games suck, pro level shit! :tup:

Yeah dude. Great job. The presentation of this game is metal.

Pretty damn nice. Most fun I’ve had from a flash fighter.

I enjoyed this game very much, bloody good job!

Good to see the polished final build is finally up. Looking good!

Actually, Push can get pretty scary at higher speeds since it speeds the game up (fills Diamond Meter), comes out pretty fast, and is unblockable.

I’m still messing with it to see what other things may have been tweaked from the earlier builds.