Deathstroke Spammers

I’m not a complainer, I’m not one to complain about some shit. But its painfully obvious that this Deathstroke gun spamming shit needs to be nerfed or something. He’s a good character with awesome combos but most (not all) are just constantly spamming this gun shit. Some, most, characters have no way around it. I try to main in Raven, but when I even try to use other characters ppl just shoot gunfire from full screen where MOST of the cast doesn’t have a solution for. Raven’s counter, even on meter burn only can only counter two bullets but he shoots out five. Characters with air dashes or double jumps have a very SLIGHT chance but all they need to do is back dash and spam the guns again.

I’m not a pro at games, beginner all the way. But is it even possible for them to patch it so he can only two or three bullets tops? Maybe even just slow down his recovery for the move? All of this gun fire (Down, Forward, 2) needs some kind of nerf. Slow down the recover, or lessen the number of bullets and have the meter burn version shoot out just five with no grenade, or keep it i don’t care, just the normal version is just way too over powered. The only thing i found to have a chance is Superman’s super (once again I am a beginner but i can’t be the only one who feels this)

Here’s my solution to your problem lil one…Play Doomsday You’ll thank me later.

When dealing with Deathstroke’s range just be a patient as possible. the machine gun is minus on block so use that time to scoot forward a little. Yes its annoying and takes some time getting used to but it can be dealt with.

Stop bitching and pop into training mode, slap on the record function and look at ways to get around each option. It’s the typical noob trap to fall into that keepaway is ‘cheap’ and ‘unfair’ and ‘needs a nerf’, as it is in the first week or two, but as advice from somebody that has dealt with that shit for so long: get off the forum and do some fucking labwork, everybody is as new to this game as you are, so you’re only going to have the obvious stated to you.

omg training? i never thought of that, you sir are a genius -.-

If you haven’t figured it out you haven’t spent enough time on it. It isn’t rocket science to figure out how to get out of pretty one dimensional zoning, especially when you’re playing a character that is specifically designed to fuck up zoners. I’m not one to go GET GOOD SCRUB WOW WHAT A SHITTER but holy fuck, spend some more goddamn time in training mode and look at the supplied in-game frame data to cross-reference shit.

>Not a complainer
>Creates thread complaining about Deathstroke zoning

lol at struggling with Raven. If the counter isn’t working go into demon stance and use the teleport. Seriously

Weird you’re having a hard time anti zoning with Raven…
Be patient and inch your way forward instead of trying to bum rush him from full screen.

thank you for the very few to help, and to the ppl bitching at me posting this, i honestly don’t care what you think of me =D

DeathStroke is cool,if you ever play MK9 you would know he is similar to Striker.

Most of the cast has an easy way to maneuver around without getting hit, the key is to practice your spacing and to balance that with not respecting his projectiles. That’s what I’ve been doing.

Do you actually realise just how ridiculous you sound?

You’re not one to insult someone, but you just did.

Not cool.

He was right.

Cliff notes-

Don’t jump. block ducking, and then dash between gun fire. profit.

Deathstroke is actually negative on hit on ALL of his gun shots (apart from Ex ones). His zoning is not a problem at all in this game, It’s just week 1 tactics (online no less).

All of his gunshots are avoidable; all of them have ass recovery (in the 100s!).

p.s; here’s Deathstrokes frame data so you can see for yourself what exactly I am rambling about (play close attention to the following: recovery, adv on hit, adv on block)

For comparison, here is Aquamans

If you have any questions or don’t understand any concepts properly, feel free to ask.

Yea, that bomb shot hits overhead.

The frame data for most (all?) multihit moves is bugged and grossly inaccurate in the game/that wiki. A guy that tested deathstrokes specials on TYM got the following frame data on block:

Deathstroke would be completely unplayable if the in-game frame data was true lol.

It’s called blocking walk forward and crouch block. Never jump against DeathStroke unless u get a hard knock down.

Better yet, design the character in a way that doesn’t promote the shittiest gameplay known to man. Who the fuck playtested him and thought ‘yep, folks’ll enjoy this cheese!’