Deathstroke Spammers

Are there anymore videos of DSP facing Deathstroke? That’s just too funny.

It’s only cheese if you can’t deal with it. If you can’t deal with it, get better, if you can’t get better… well that is your problem and not the game, the player or the developers.


People who like to zone/play defensively would enjoy slade. Not everyone enjoys RTSD.

This game has some insane zoners. People who bitch about Deathstroke haven’t fought a good Raven yet

Even funnier if you read the comments and see his fans hating on Deathstroke.

No i haven’t gone against Raven’s online yet, the problem died down, im rarely running into Deathstroke now, thanks to the few who helped though, and i use Raven but I’m not a “zoner” i prefer to rush down, but like they said i was being impatient and not jumping thank you

And you still don’t get it?

Jesus. A fucking five year old child could explain what the problem here is.

Yes, Deathstroke can be beaten. Yes, lots of ‘scrubs’ (mmm, smell that gamer testoserone) play this way. Yes ‘scrubs’ lose to him because they don’t have the tools.

None of that changes the fundamental problem. The character design is lame. Is this really how you want your game to be seen? I guarantee that the majority of videos about this game will be people complaining about Deathstroke and the gunshot spam. It won’t matter whether it’s justified, people will give up on the game and the game will get a negative reputation for being spamtastic.

Zoning isnt anything new in fighting games.
Deathstroke zoning is pretty tamed compared to zoning in other fighters.

Zoning was a bigger problem in MK9 than here. Just week 1 shenanigans.

All I’m hearing is bullshit straw men and logical fallacies. That other games are worse is irrelevant and not evidence of anything.

dude, just let it go. you don’t like deathstroke, you think is design is lame and uninspiring, we got it. It’s call an opinion, you have it, noted. It doesn’t change shit though. He’s in the game, either deal with it or stop playing.

Not sure if it’s just me, but I’ve had good results with Ares, if you can predict they will attempt to spam the Machine Gun then you can teleport behind,the time it takes for the attack to end should give you ample time to get a combo going

Ares is an anti-zoner like Raven. He should be able to hand Deathstroke his ass.

it’s mostly online shenanigans that make his zoning stronger than it really is

the input lag on this game is terrible

Ghost Whistler confirmed to be DSP.

dude, grow up a bit.

Depends where your opponent is based. Playing with people in the same locality is pretty solid. There is some delay across the atlantic. Unfortunately in ranked play you get no choice in your opponent.

I find it funny to see people complain about zoning when it’s balanced to where it can be as viable as rushdown (Morrigan/Doom, Deathstroke here, etc.), yet when it’s not people complain that rushdown is too good compared to zoning (Vanilla MVC3).

Also I find it funny to see ghost complaining about Deathstroke being too good at zoning, yet complaining in the Sinestro thread that Sinestro isn’t good enough at it (Even though Sinestro outzones Deathstroke hard).

Ares really can’t be zoned. He can throw a fireball to fuck with you, and as soon as you fire one back, he can teleport on reaction for meterless 40% combos, or use some meter to push you all the way to the corner. He also has the unblockable ground pound, which can be used to get around many projectiles, and for a meter burn can start some large combos. His character seems built for getting in and staying in.

cause sinestro is laughably punishable on block by everything he does, you can pretty much do a full screen flash psycho crusher (idc what it’s called) against any blocked projectile

also sinestro doesn’t have that sword flip on wake-up