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**Due to a recent incident, I’ve decided to reopen my request thread. **

Here’s the story


About a couple weeks ago my place was broken into and I lost a lot of valuables(TV, guitars, ps3, 360, you name it) I still have my computer thankfully but my insurance is now telling me that it won’t be covered under my policy and now I’m screwed on getting anything back…

So of course this is free but if you would like to make any donations, anything will help at this point.

Alright… Before we begin, I’ll need you to fill out the request form below. Don’t forget to read through the rules!

Request Form


**Before asking to be put in the list, please answer the following questions through PM **
(start a conversation) along with your request

What kind of stick?
What colors do you like?
Clear or Solid buttons? 8 or 6?
Clear or solid dustwasher?
What kind of feeling does the stick have? (ex. funny, badass, cute, minimal)
Any logos, gamertags, text?
What style? (You can see my other designs if you like a certain one)

Request Queue:

  1. Sepulveda-Jin
  2. Bigkilla
  3. More Cowbell
  4. Tekobay
  5. Spencer Cutrell

Render Tutorial Video


Color Change Tutorial Video


I have all templates compiled into rar format if you guys decide to send directly to arthong.

Oh and please let me know what kind of stick you have before hand so i can get the proper template for it. Also know how to apply the art yourself. You can find tutorials on the first page of this thread

NEW I have some new rules for requests: UPDATED 11/11/11

– Please have an idea of how you want it to look. You can look at the designs below and refer to one you like if you want.
– If you send me pictures please have it at least 1280px big or I can’t guarantee that I will use them. I always try to find the highest resolution of any picture first though
– I prefer to only use a maximum of 3 renders. If you want a fourth render, I’ll have to decide whether I can try to incorporate it.
– Understand that I am doing this on my free time. I can’t promise any expedited service to anyone. I’ll get to your request in order that it came and I will work at my own pace
– I will only rework a design twice. If you’re still not happy, then perhaps donating will persuade me to spend more of my time on your design.
– If you don’t like a specific part of the design and would like me to change it, please ask me in a polite manner.
– Only ONE template per request per month. People that donate can bypass this rule :wink:
– Also, I would prefer that anyone who makes a request already physically owns their stick and seriously plans on modifying the art.
– I am an artist, and I like to keep the aesthetics of my design top notch. DO NOT ASK ME FOR INSANE REQUESTS SUCH AS:

Please let me keep my dignity… I don’t like designing clusterf*cks…

**If you would like to donate to my PayPal, click on the link below :wgrin: **

DeathZeroZX’s Donations

Here are some of the ones i made… NOTE: These are much more sharp than they appear. Photobucket just sucks… lol

Click on spoiler to show more of my templates


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hi well i just got the BrawlStick because i couldnt find the SF4 one but i hear the were exactly the same so anyhow. i would love a Hulk art, a badass one. i have a couple of pics i would like to be in the art itself. can you help me by making me one for my fight stick? thank you very much for your help. by the way my stick is just like the SE edition.


I would love to have you do a bit of Captain America art for my Round 2 TE-S. Here’s the image I’d like it based on, but I’m sure you would be able to class it up.,r:17,s:0


Both of you guys can go ahead and send me a message with links to the pictures you guys want and I’ll start working on them soon =)


Nice! I was actually hoping for a service like this. I have two prints I ordered from Art like 2 years ago that I have never completed due to the lack of PS.


I don’t want to be a party pooper, but shouldn’t this thread be in the trading outlet unless your doing this for free.


Hey deathzerozx, very nice job on the work you have done so far.

I am looking to get some new art so I can do plexi mod for my round 2 TE PS3 stick. I only want to have the first 6 buttons on it, with Valkenhayn from Blazblue as the character. I am really digging this image as art to be used, but without photoshop I can’t really tell if the buttons will obstruct any main parts of it:,r:28,s:0&tx=112&ty=34

If that one doesn’t work well I have some other images in mind. If your interested let me know and I’ll PM them to you.


Yes I’m doing this for free. I just want the experience. EVERYONE WINS! I’ll be wrapping up a couple more right now and I’ll take requests by who’s first


Hey are you free to accept one currently~?


I plan on replacing my fightstick SE artwork in the near future - are you able to design one for that? I have a few ideas in my mind which I’ll flesh out in the next few days but I’m still deciding on a Miles Edgeworth or Dudley theme.


I’m finishing my last queue and then I’ll take the blazblue^^^ and a couple more so I’ll message you guys when I’m ready to work on them

Oh and SE art is good for me. Most sticks I can work with as long as I have a good template or decent layout and measurements


Moving to Image Mishmash.


Alright well I’m free to do others right now. @Master Z I sent you a PM. if anyone else would like to make a request pm me with some pics and a general idea of what you want and I’ll get started in order of responses. By the way, check out my first post, I updated it with a couple of templates I worked on this week =)


this guy did an awesome work on the template I wanted, he made it exactly like I imagined it.

He’s great and he didn’t ask for anything in return , thanks Deathzerozx


This guy does amazing work. I’ll upload a picture of the completed stick when I get it finished, but his designs are crazy awesome and he very graciously
provided his services at no charge. Grade S+ for sure.


Wait, this is free? No way! So you do this, but what about shipping? It’d be convinient to know just in case. Anyone?


well I don’t want to bother you, but if you’re not busy I would be very much interested in your kind services! is the picture I would want
I have a standard edition street fighter 4 xbox 360 fightstick. thnx in advance


I guess we can converse about that later, but I too have a request if you’re not to busy. Its main picture is: . I have a Madcatz sfiv te arcade stick for xbox 360. But as a special request, could you make the design a bit cartoony? I saw you work wonders with that captain america pic and I have full confidence you can pull this off to. Thanks a billion!


Wow didn’t expect so many requests! Whew… well right now I’m pausing further requests. I got about 5 in my queue right now. I will post again when I can accept more.

As far as everything, yes, I do it for free. I am open to donations though :wink:


This guy is too good. Look what he did!

Im truely taken aback by it and i strongly recommend asking deathzerozx for a request.