DeathZeroZX's Fightstick Templates


I saw that your request thread is open. I wanted to submit a request , hopefully you can work up something awesome for me!

What kind of stick? Madcatz Tournament Edition w/ Bezel
What colors do you like? I’m thinking of either a Black and Red or a Blue and Yellow theme. Either would be fine
Clear or Solid buttons? Solid, 8
Clear or solid dustwasher? clear
What kind of feeling does the stick have? Minimalistic approach, maybe some ink splatters.
Halfway through this page there is a portal stick by user RAWRzilla22 which is somewhat of a point of reference for the style I want.
Any logos, gamertags, text? No logos or text
What style? You’re the artist, I’m sure you can come up with something sweet. I want this as the main art
If you go with the second one, a blue gi (same tone as chun if possible) Ryu with white headband would be amazing.
Thanks in advance, hopefully we can help each other out :slight_smile:


Hey sorry for responding so late to you guys. I’ve been super busy this week. Helped out a lot working on the shots for IEBG running Super Arcade streams while level up is taking a break. If you haven’t subscribed to those guys, you should head over to

Anyways, I updated the list. The queue is closed as it is now. I can’t take any more for a while. Also, anyone waiting, please understand that I do this on my free time. I work nights like a dog full time so I can’t guarantee that I can finish them quickly.



Could you list the type of stick you have???


Oh I’m sorry. Its a VS stick


My scv TE with a crown stick and seimitsu buttons, casshern art by deathzerozx


That art came out pretty clean =)




Do you still do this? i know its old and im modding my very first fightstick and i have a request, email me at PLEASE. WIll pay for the work


Stick Type? Brawlstick
What colors do you like? Black and Red
Clear or Solid buttons? 8 or 6? 8
Clear or solid dustwasher? Solid
What kind of feeling does the stick have? (ex. funny, cute, minimal) I guess… cool?
Any logos, gamertags, text? Nope.
What style? Raphael (TMNT, not SoulCal). I want it to be… not as complicated. I don’t want it to be filled with neon colors and text. I don’t mean that one Ken picture that that guy posted above simple, but not crazy like the Ridge Racer one. No logos or names anywhere on it please.
I guess I’d call it comic book style. I don’t want bright colors and big flashy stuff. Kinda like this (BTW, not this exact art, just an idea of what I’m talking about). I would also like a dark background. Let me know if you don’t understand what I’m talking about.

BTW, please ask me any questions and stuff by PM.

I don’t want to set too many limits for you, so make it good!


Do you still do this? I am willing to pay for work as well.


was wondering if you are still doing this, i’ve got some of you work on 2 of my sticks right now and I had a request for a new design, I really like your work so I would be willing to pay if you are still doing this.


just got it put on, looks great, thanks :slight_smile:


Checking out your work and love it Wondering if you’re still taking request and how much do ya charge?


I am also interested if your still doing this work, please message me if you are.


hey deathzero, just got my sc5 stick and i really need a new art. really would appreciate it. coming back to fighting games after a long break. are you still doing these?


I’ve sent a message your way recently, I’d love to get some stick art from you now that I can afford a commission if it’s necessary!


Just wondering if you still taking requests


sent you a message would love to here back from you!


hey just wanted to ask,if you still do commissions? send you an PM at some weeks i think.


It’s been nearly 6 years since I started this old thread… coughs on dust

I guess I’ve come out of hiatus. If anyone is still interested in my work, my contact info is at Focusattack now.